New CocoonJS Launcher App Released

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  • Hey guys, we're excited to release our newest version of the CocoonJS Launcher app. You can update to the newest version on Google Play and we will also have a new Xarchive file for iOS as well.

    We just wanted to let you guys know so you can take advantage. Below are Just a few of our exciting new features:

    WebView support

    Camera Support (try out the new video puzzle demo, it's awesome!!)

    HTML file parser

    True type fonts

    and a few more...

    Get the full details here:

  • Tested it with my old export and now tiled background and text works, very nice ;]

  • Very nice features ludei, but when the cloud compilation be ready ??

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  • farsmile90 , it will be there as soon as they can . and its soon ^^

  • Runs better than before and the render is flawless.

    I have a question.

    Is there a way to access accelerometer data?

  • ludei

    Please could you supply a list of C2 features that are still unsupported? I have tried 4 of my apps and get a black screen on them all!

    At this stage it would be useful to see what your graphics rendering is like so I can assess the limits in my apps. If I had a list I could ensure I avoided certain features for the time being.

    I understand that you are still under development and I'm glad to see all the positive comments coming from other users. Good luck in your project.

  • Nathan - if you touch the FPS meter to open the console, are any errors listed?

  • i agree with nathan , Ludie you must put a list of all the unsupported things from construct2 .. i wish i had android to report some of them ^^

    also can you upload a apk file for cocoonjs because some countries may have not the app on their google play .

  • Ashley - Aah I see now. Sorry for the confusion - silly error on my part.

    For anyone who's getting the black screen thing:

    Make sure you highlight and zip the contents inside the exported C2 folder (i.e. /images and the .js etc), not the exported C2 folder itself.

    ludei - apologies for my confusion. The error console inside your launcher is a great feature for most needs, although I'd imagine a list would come in handy for many developers. Great stuff so far. Keep up the good work.

  • CocoonJS should either support everything, or at least do nothing (and not crash) if you use an unsupported feature. I think all the official plugins and behaviors should work, except for the Text Box and Button form controls. The main problem is third party plugins and behaviors which can use any code and may use features not supported by CocoonJS.

    If you find anything that is crashing CocoonJS, check the console for errors and let us know what they are, as well as the list of third party plugins and behaviors you're using. At the very least it should be possible for Ludei to prevent it crashing and ignore the call instead.

  • Someone know if the publication if from the computer not

    from the tablet, for me the new release not work

    I'm worry if use the launcher for make .apk

  • I receive error messages for using touch2 plugin(multitouch)[URL][URL]

  • nemo: you should stick to the built-in plugin, it is multi touch by default.

    Be aware though that multi touch isn't supported in android 2.2 and previous (I believe).

  • Hmm.. Using the new launcher I get the black screen at around 96-100% load with the following error:

    <font color=red>JSUtilities Exception: TypeError Result of expressio 'this.zs' [undefined> is not a function. Cause: Tag: timer Function: function (){b.go();} I'm using Sprite, Mouse, and Touch.. All standard plugins.

  • I now use the standard Touch plugin and it works great. I have some issues with the audio. I use two music tracks, one for ambient and other for the actual background music, my game is only able to play one at a time.

    I also can't hear some of my sounds at the first play even when I preload them at the beginning of my game.

    FPS with PhoneGap was around 9-11 and with cocoonJS it's 20-30.

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