New CocoonJS Launcher App Released

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  • I tried the ludei Android launcher on my Samsung GS2 for my Ninja Fart Hero game. It worked nicely at 80-110fps, though:

    • It was displaying landscape instead of portrait, so I only had a small area to display the game in
    • All text was very small
    • I use a black tile to fade in at the start of each layout. The fade had criss-cross black lines through it until fade completed
    • None of my hyperlinks to web pages work any more (they work fine with PhoneGap)

    The game did seem to stutter a little in parts, although the frame rate was still showing high.

    I can't test it on my iTouch as it has iOS version 4.2.x and Ludei says the launcher will only support 4.3+.

    All looking pretty dang good - I can hardly wait for the cloud build service!!!

  • I've been trying my game on using the ludei Android CocconJs launcher on my Samsung GS2.

    I am having similar audio problems as others have described. Sometimes I get audio, other times I don't. Often, I get audio late, e.g. a second or two after the event. (I don't have music.)

    Also, I am getting a weird PNG transparency issue. When I boot my phone and launch Cocoonjs, the images all look fine, first time. On each subsequent I relaunch the Cocoonjs app however, all sprites lose their transparency and show instead a black background. I have to reboot the phone to fix.

  • HI, ludei and everybody

    maybe is should open a new thread cause this seems to have no activity for a couple of weeks, buy anyway,

    i'm trying to use cocoonJs, but i keep getting this error:

    JSUtilities Exception: TypeError: Result of expression 'a.canvas' [undefined] is not an object. Cause: Tag: timer Function: function () {a.go();}

    Don't know what it is about, the only function i'm using that can be related to that is "wait x secons", but if i remove it, it still give me the error.

    someone have seen the same error? if so, how were you able to fix it?

  • Behamut - can you post a bug report to the bugs forum with your .capx file? Thanks!

  • I've run many tests with audio/music in CocoonJS and additionally in Appmobi. I have a children's book with BGmusic + 2 stories with 38pages each page with narration (10-25sec).



    With R100 I have the BGmusic working great, but unfortunately the looping is not a feature, so the hack/solution for this is to make a timer: manually start the BGMusic in every X minutes, where X = lenght of zhe BGMusic. It works!



    For the narrations I used to play them as Sounds, but I have very late or no narration start for first time I go to a page. When I second time go to a page it started, but not played trought the end, but for about 10 seconds.

    The solution were to use the preload action in C2, if I preload on start of layout the narrations, they start to play immediately on a page, and they play trought the end. Hurray! :)

    The test was done with preload the first 4 narrations, but I have 2x38pcs of them, so did a for loop for preload all of them. Well, the app starts, the custom loading screen loads the content, and when the preload starts CocoonJS Launcher seems to get busy... but I can capture the last action in it. It seems to PRELOAD the 28nd narration, than it freezes.

    I think the next step shuold be to make a smart preloading logic for myself: preload the next 2-5 narrations, and keep preloaded the last 1-3 of them, and in every page unload all of the others to keep the memory usage low. I think that this 4-9 preloaded sounds shouldnt make memory problems, but keeps the sound playing stable.

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  • I loose the developement line. Remember that my audio preload tests were successful, but now with R101 I can not reproduce the working mode... :(

    ludei I would like to ask if you have any solution/alternavice for the C2's built in Browser opening action. I would like to use AboutUs/Rating/CrossMarketing linking, but have no idea, what should be the CocoonJS compatible way.

  • Any news anno dec 2012 on textbox and comboboxlistbox compatability with cocoonjs.

    My app depends on those 2.

    And i would really like to use cocoonjs.

    Kinnd Regards.


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