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  • don't know how to find out the exact FPS,

    Put down a text somewhere, set it to fps (in every tick).

  • Tablet 7" F&U - Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 1.2GHZ 1GB DDR3 RAM, Android 4.2. When start the application then crash after a few seconds. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • The goal of crosswalk is to make html5 a first class programming language so hopefully all of that will be directly available in crosswalk in the future. You can read more here:

    I remember some discussion on supporting background services with a model similar to web workers.

    If you need something now, you always have the option of making a crosswalk extension. You would have to build the APK yourself (not in XDK), following the directions that crosswalk project publishes. If extensions are open source and generally useful, we could also try to get them into XDK build so others would benefit.

    Is there any chance to build a data bridge between Crosswalk and Android OS (inside XDK) ?

    My consideration are:

    - Background service (to remind me that my game need some attention from time to time)

    - Sending an "intent" to the OS, for available installed apps (click on facebook icon inside my game to open facebook app)

    - File manipulation outside browser security restrains

    ... and more

  • Allchix: How can we reproduce the spriter animation problem?

  • lucid maybe you can assist or check with IntelRobert on this ?

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  • I made a previewer app so you can use C2 preview on LAN feature to test crosswalk. This will be the quickest way to test with crosswalk.

    You will need to install one of these APK's.

    Crosswalk that is in XDK build system:

    Crosswalk Canary with a later version of chrome:

    Article about C2 preview on LAN feature:

  • The debug issue preventing publishing crosswalk apps in google play has been resolved and I put an app in the store. However, I found that we are not setting the version codes properly. You can publish, but you can't update or publish an x86 binary so it is still not useful.

    After everyone returns from vacation, we can resolve all the publishing issues like launch icons as well as the version code.

  • IntelRobert any info about camera access using the userMedia plugin?

  • IntelRobert

    Will there be support for notifications in the future?

    Example of this, an app has completed something, then their displays a notification icon on the users toolbar?

  • IntelRobert

    Great app. But i have one question, is there any option to hide notofication bar?

  • I must say the developer feedback with the community so far has been outstanding. It's a fantastic change compared to the CocoonJS exporter.

    Thanks guys!

  • IntelRobert : My bad, Spriter animations are working with Crosswalk.

    I also did some further FPS tests with my game.


    Samsung Galaxy S III: 60 FPS

    Nexus 7 (2012, the old one): 60 FPS

    Memory: 80-100 MB RAM


    Samsung Galaxy S III: 58 FPS

    Nexus 7 (2012, the old one): 38 FPS

    Memory: 140-150 MB RAM

    I still get some delay with sound effects sometimes in Crosswalk, but all in all I am happy with the responsiveness of the new exporter.

    IntelRobert, do you know if the memory usage will be optimized in the near future? Apart from that and some other minor issues, I see great potential in Crosswalk.

    Also, please excuse my ignorance, but can anyone tell me, what the best exporter for IOS is at the moment? I can see that you can export to IOS with the Intel software too, but I think Crosswalk is Android exclusive?

    I would prefer to publish all my apps for Android and IOS with Intel, rather than with CocoonJS.

    Thank you.

  • Allchix did you try preloading sounds? Maybe it will fix the delay?

  • I collected all the issues and put them here. The JIRA numbers are the way we track them internally. If I missed something let me know.

  • IntelRobert Do you have an "official" bugtracker somewhere?

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