Need help for 'Snake and Ladder Board Game Development'

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  • Hi There,

    I am a visual designer and don't have any prior experience in game development. I would like to develop a 'Snake and Ladder' board game with use of Construct 2. It's a multi player game and it's initially want to start with two player game.

    the game strategy is initially begun with a question pop up for player 01 if he/she answering the question, if the answer is correct he/she can roll the dice. and the coin on the board move to points he/she rolled in the dice. Now player 02's turn similarly question pop up 01 appearing, if the answer is correct he/she can roll the dice. and the coin on the board move to yearned points which he/she rolled in the dice. this activity continuing/happening till the end (needs to move/reach 100 steps). in-between we have bonus roll for rolling/reaching higher points so on. (it 's typical physical board game but, we are adding question popups and some game mechanics)

    And now we are developed first pop up and stuck with second question pop up. after that can't move further. I would request here for if some one helping us for taking this to move further level. that will be a great kind of support. Also people in the forum will get great exposure in board game development.

    Also if have any discussion topics in this forum relevant to the board game please suggest us.

    Thank you all! and expecting great support!

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  • Did you get this issue resolved? Also are the questions random or are they set?

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