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  • Hi everyone,

    I've been trying out various game creation software such as Stencyl, but at the moment Construct 2 seems like the best fit for the game I'm trying to make. I'm not entirely clear on some of the differences between the two paid licenses, so I thought I'd ask. I'm from the Netherlands where if, you want to make money legally from providing services (such as selling your game) you need to either work for a company or have a company of your own registered with the Chamber of Commerce. For an individual like me, this would mean setting up an 'eenmanszaak' or 'sole proprietorship'. The company and the person are one and the same in this case and the company exists so its easier to tax the work, etc. The licensing page/FAQ however states that the cheaper Personal Edition is only "for individuals not affiliated with commercial organisations." As a sole proprietor this would both apply to me and at the same time it would not (as there is a commercial organisation, but I can be the only employee of that organisation). So can I apply for the Personal Edition if I want to make money off of it (which requires me to setup a commercial business)?

    I am of course looking into the Personal Edition because it's such a safe bet compared to the much more expensive Business edition. If the game fails to meet the quite substantial 5000 dollars, then you don't lose as much money and if the game is a success you'll have enough money to afford the Business edition. My question about that is: is it an upgrade or a new purchase. I.e. do I pay full-price for both the Personal License and then the Business License or when I reach 5000 dollars profit and am forced to switch, do I just pay the difference between the Personal and Business License. I suspect its the former, as I've seen no mention of the other option but I thought I'd just ask anyway.

  • If you look at the store purchasing options, you will see that you just pay the upgrade price

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  • That's great. Hadn't looked there.

  • My first question has not yet been answered. Bumping so it doesn't fall off the map.

  • A commercial organisation in the licensing sense is a legal entity independent of the entrepreneur, in your case they are called a "B.V." I believe, (Ltd. in the UK, GmbH in Germany for example).

    If you are a self employed one-man operation without a limited liability corporate body, the personal edition is fine, until you cross the magic EUR 5000 line.

  • Ah ok, Thanks.

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