Music doesn't play in Crosswalk

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  • Hi!

    I have really strange problem. I'm working on a cross-platform game. I use to export my project with Cordova and then build with Intel SDK. The Android app I build with Crosswalk. When I started to use Crosswalk I've moved all the sounds of the game to "Music" folder so they are streamed and not loaded before the game starts. This configuration worked well for a while.

    Just two weeks ago the game worked perfect and all the sounds of the game were played well. Suddenly something went wrong. Today I don't hear any sound at all. Not when a layout starts, not when I touch the screen. Just couple of sounds that I do preload (left from the very old version of the game - before I start to use Crosswalk).

    I thought that the problem is new version of Construct2, so I've installed the previous version r210 - it didn't help. I've created new project just for the test - I don't here the sounds from the Music folder neither in r212 nor in r210. I've checked out from my version control the last version of my game where I've heard the sounds and exported it again - and I don't hear sounds in the old versions too.


    What can be the problem?

  • It happens to me the same ... does not sound. It seems incredible that this issue is not relevant since a game without sound is useless.

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  • When Intel SDK released new version of their compiler the problem just disappered

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