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  • Hello,

    I am just recently trying to explore multiplayer possibilities and i must say i am stunned hot those two example capx dont work (i think they are official?).

    I am opening them in firefox and test works horrible...

    player movement is jerky, some times it moves on its own, loses healty on its own, it wont move acordint to pressed keys etc.

    pong on my laptop vs pc kinda works but ball it self moves jerky and ping is cca 20-30ms !?

    what are your expiriences, is MP so poorly done or am i doing something wrong or is something else...?

    Thank you!


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  • 'Not sure what you are experiencing, but all official examples/tutorials (top-down action shooter, pong) work perfectly for me ; I'm using Chrome and Opera, try using a different browser as you may get better multiplayer support maybe

  • Well, iw tested MP game example in IE and it says MULTIPLAYER NOT SUPPORTED

    so multiplayer is not working for 2 major browsers???

    this just cant be 4 real!?

  • iw tested with NW.js export and result is the same... player, moves on its own, warps, loses health etc.

    realy noone else expirience this behaviour!?

  • I guess... Are you connecting with someone but you just don't noticed that?

  • what do you mean... how can i not notice?

    i open capx on my machine and see my player and server player.

    if i connect with notebook i see that player too.

    ...but performance is just horrible...

    is there a way to test this capx online?

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