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  • I'm thinking to get the cheapest Moto G for android dev, anyone with this phone, please share some thoughts? Is this a good phone for game testing?

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  • I have one to test my android apps. The best cost-benefit.

  • I got the moto g too.

    It's acually a really good phone. Very good value for that price.

    Good for testing? That depends. I would have loved to keep testing on my samsung s2 but it died. The moto g is quite powerful so that is not really good for testing if you wanna support old devices.


  • Moto G should be very good for developing (QuadCore Cortex-A7, 1GB RAM, Adreno 305, Android 4.4.2). Great value for that price

    I would also recommend you to test your games on a tablet to see how they scale/look on a bigger display.

  • thanks guys! i was worrying this might not be powerful enough for C2 games(my partner's first gen sony tablet wouldn't even start cocoonjs, crash on load), obviously i've little knowledge on android hardwares, look forward to port my game to android, and perhaps amazon app store as well! excited!

    TGeorgeMihai i develop first on iphone and ipad, so scaling probably won't be a big difference for android tablets? but i'll consider invest an android tablet later on

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