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  • ArcadEd: By all means, fire the BAR(s) to and I'll test them on physical hardware.

    I'll double check my testing on the current simulator. If it's an issue there, I'll log a bug report against it to hopefully be addressed in the next release.

  • My application got refused because they say the application icon appears as a question mark. But I reviewed all the submission process steps and in no place there is mentioned a way to setup the icon, only the store icon.

    Here is the message: "Please fix the following issue and resubmit your application as a new release.

    After installing your application on the BlackBerry Dev Alpha, we notice the application icon appears as a question mark. If you are using our Eclipse plug-in, please check your BlackBerry_App_Descriptor.xml file and ensure you are specifying your custom application icon correctly. If you still require assistance, please post in our App World Development support forums here: "

    How can I set it while exporting the game with Construct?

    EDIT: I think I solved it. I added to config.xml:

    <icon src="icon-150.png" /> (and of course the file icon-150.png)

    And submitted the new app. Let's hope for an approval.

  • Apologies for that, I missed it in my initial post. You are correct that it is an element in the config.xml. I've updated it with a link to this documentation:

    I'll also ensure that the documentation that goes up on the official website has that included.

  • No problem, Erik, it was easy to find :)

    Anyway my game hasn't been approved yet. <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Unfortunately last I heard there's still a backlog, no need to be worried just yet :-) I've reached out to see if there are any updated timelines that can be shared.

  • Oh, I bet I have this problem on all of my apps.

    WaterlooErik, I need to make this change to the app still. I completely forgot about this.

  • Small necro bump.

    Is there any way to build a Blackberry 10 app through the Ripple Emulator (Chrome Extension) yet?

    Exporting to plain HTML5, the localhost only seems to work inside Firefox and IE but not Google Chrome (it's giving me either a black screen, a flawed app or an alert telling me that I'll have to upload the folder in order to make it workable).

  • Blinx123: If you're using the latest version of Chrome's Ripple Emulator (0.9.13), there is a Build panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Within the Build panel is a Settings dialog.

    You will need to populate that dialog with the path to your SDK, the path to your folder, your project name and build ID, and your code signing information.

    Once populated, you can close the dialog and Start Services which will launch a command prompt. You can then hit Package and Sign to create the BAR file.

    From the sounds of it, you're having some core functionality issues within Ripple though. Would you be able to fire me some screenshots of what you're seeing to and I'll do my best to provide some insight?

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  • Just wanted to share this in case some hadn't seen it yet:

    <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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