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  • Tobye: I generally just use Notepad++ to create a new TXT document to avoid any additional formatting that Word might inject. I then rename .txt to .xml

    Creating at the 'Root' of the folder just means that config.xml shouldn't be in any sub-folder of your project. It should be at the highest level (while still being a part of your project.) I'm not sure if that clarifies...

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  • This is the third post regarding converting a Construct 2 application to BlackBerry 10.

    The first post outlined adding a config.xml document to your project and requesting code signing keys.

    The second post outlined downloading the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK and registering code signing keys.

    This third post will detail packaging your HTML5 project into a BlackBerry 10 application; also known as a BAR.

    Similar to how we executed a command to register code signing keys, we'll execute another command to package our application. This time, we need to execute our command from this folder:

    C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK

    We can use the same trick in Windows of navigating to that folder in Windows Explorer, then holding Shift and pressing Right-Click to get the Open command window here option.

    The command that we want to execute is:


    Where PATH_TO_PROJECT is a path to the root folder of your project. For example:


    And STOREPASS is your code signing password that you set when registering your keys.

    The resulting log should look similar to this:

    [BUILD]   Populating application source

    [BUILD]   Parsing config.xml

    [BUILD]   Generating output files

    [INFO]    Info: Package created: C:\wamp\www\simulator\

    [INFO]    Info: Package created: C:\wamp\www\device\

    [INFO]    Info: Bar signed.

    [BUILD]   BAR packaging complete

    The bold output indicates the BAR file in the device folder that has been packaged and signed, and is now a BlackBerry 10 application. This is the BAR file that you would then submit to BlackBerry App World.

    For submitting to BlackBerry App World, there is a video tutorial here:

    So all of that being said, it is a fairly simplified look and some developers may run into issues. Again, if you do, do not hesitate to ask here, or directly (, or during the Port-a-Thon event (we'll have a number of people online helping at all times.) We'll do our best to help you get your application submitted and ready to go.

  • For those interested in the Port-a-Thon, we have live support going on right now until Saturday, 11:59PM (EST):

  • Thanks WaterlooErik, it really does appear quite simple now. Just waiting for my sign keys to arrive.

  • WaterlooErik - I successfully got to the submission stage and just want to know if I need to do something before submitting in order to get the $100? Like do I need to sign in somewhere? Provide bank details? Etc.

  • That reminds me, I didn't discuss the Vendor Account. Tobye, have you gone that that process already of creating a Vendor Account?

    If so, you don't need to do anything special, but your Vendor Account needs to be linked with PayPal (you do that through our system.) All submissions during this time for BB10 are eligible for the rewards.

    If you haven't set up a Vendor Account yet, let me know.

  • For reference, you can sign up for a BlackBerry App World Vendor account here:

    During the Port-A-Thon, we're approving vendor requests on the spot, so drop on by and ask one of the Presenters for help:

  • WaterlooErik - Yeah I completed the vendor account, but the email said I now have to send in copies of my ID. You just said they are approved on the spot, so do I still have to do this?

  • Tobye: Normally you would need to send the ID through, but if you connect to the Port-a-Thon and send Lou Gazzola a message with your Vendor ID (and just a quick note that Erik Oros sent you), then he can approve your account as-is.

  • WaterlooErik - I got all the way to upload the BAR, but got this:

    "Bar is not RDK signed Bar is not AUTHOR signed This bar contains unsigned entries which have not been integrity-checked."

    I followed the steps all the way through no problem until now, not sure what to do next.

  • Tobye: When you ran the bbwp command, did you include the -g STOREPASS section?

    Could you try this one more time, and then copy/send me the full console output in an email? ( Just so I can verify if any issues occurred?

  • @WaterlooErik: thanks for the guides, really straightforward!

    I successfully packaged a game right now. Unfortunately I didn't know the Vendor Portal had a manual document verification process. I hope my document is verified before I run out of time for the Port-a-Thon.

  • alfred: Lou just mentioned you got in touch in the Port-a-Thon, he should be able to sort you out momentarily with the vendor account.

  • Actually I saw your earlier message regarding Lou Gazzola and he just approved my document :)

  • WaterlooErik - I tried it again and it comes up with an error saying "Code signing request failed because this version of the application or package has been previously signed. Please increment the version<s> and try signing again."

    Also sent you the email.

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