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  • WaterlooErik - I tried it again and it comes up with an error saying "Code signing request failed because this version of the application or package has been previously signed. Please increment the version<s> and try signing again."

    Also sent you the email.

    Change the version number in the config.xml:


    Just add a 1 in the end like that. (worked for me right now);

  • That's exactly it Basically, a particular version can only ever be signed once. So if you're going to re-sign, you will need to increment that version manually.

    If you're feeling adventurous, check out the Ripple Emulator for Chrome:

    It provides a GUI for the command-line and will do that incrementing for you. It may take a bit of playing with but just fire any questions along.

  • WaterlooErik - Success! I finally got it to work. Out of curiosity, any idea why the first attempt didn't work? Also, how long do you think it will take until I know if it passed or not?

  • Tobye: Awesome! That makes me happy :-)

    As for the failure, I'm not sure. The error meant that the BAR file wasn't signed. Perhaps the -g flag was missed, or maybe you took the 'simulator' version instead of the 'device' version. Maybe the tools just hiccuped?

    Sounds like you followed the steps well though so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    The review process will likely be a few days just based on the volume of apps (in 11.5 hours we've reached over 8000 apps already.) If by chance the application isn't accepted, you would get an email indicating why and there would still be a time period to resubmit and still meet eligibility for rewards.

  • WaterlooErik - Phew, I can only imagine how busy you are...thanks for your help with this and I hope developing for BB is actually this easy!

    Good luck!

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  • I wish I had found out about this earlier.

    I could sure use that money (lost my job right after New Year's Eve and with my old ass laptop slowly rotting away, I'm not sure I can even go on coding demos for my job applications much longer).

    The Port-A-Thon will be up until 6AM GMT, right?

    I have like zero assets (the only apps I have are all written in PHP and my former employer now owns most of them, except one) and even less ideas for an app, but I'll try to stay awake for most of the evening, perhaps grab some beer and see where that goes.

  • Blinx123: I believe it would be 5:00AM GMT, 12:00AM EST. At the time of this posting there are 7 hours left in the Port-a-Thon.

    By all means take advantage of this if you can. Join the online portion ( and reach out to anyone on the Presenters list if you hit any difficulties.

    For reference, these posts outline the major steps for a Construct 2 developer to convert to a BlackBerry 10 application:

    Best of luck!

  • WaterlooErik thanks for the great guide, creating the BAR was a snap.

  • Well, game 1 wouldn't work in the simulator. I'm guessing no SpriteFont support. I'll try my other 2 that do not use spritefont.

  • game 2 didn't work either. Is there a specific setting the full screen need to be on? WaterlooErik

    I also created a super simple app and went through creating the bar, I get the same results.

    Seems to be webgl

  • Don't use WebGL and special plugins like spritefont because it has something special API that didn't work on CocoonJS and BB10

  • I don't see this as "giving the rights", the app still belongs to you, they can just do whatever they want with it (like post pictures of it on the main page if it's good, and such). It's not like they own it. For instance, you could still release in other platforms.

    edit: whoa what the hell, I thought I was replying to the last post hahaha. My bad.

  • Submitted a game. We'll see what happens.

  • OK, the process was pretty painless. Got 3 games converted over in very little time. They all seemed to run really well on the simulator without webgl as well.

  • I ended up not partaking.

    Our family ferret (the mascot of my private software label) Brownie passed away just this morning*. Naturally, I wasn't in the mood for any coding.

    *She was still quite lively until recently, but then turned blind within days, lost a lot of fur and started humping. Yesterday all she could still do was coughing. She couldn't even die peacefully, as she wouldn't stop coughing until the very end. And all this just hours before we were finally getting an appointment with a vet (probably wouldn't have been of any help either, since each and every vet in my area is so incompetent, I'd have to tell them what a ferret is exactly). Gods do I hate nature!

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