How much money have you made with C2?

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  • I was just wondering aloud...

    As I can't create a poll, so here's my question and several categories to choose from:

    How much money have you made so far with Construct 1/2?

    1. > 10000 USD, > 8122 EUR, > 6364 GBP

    2. 1000 - 9999 USD, 812 - 8121 EUR, 636 - 6363 GBP

    3. 500 - 999 USD, 406 - 811 EUR, 318 - 635 GBP

    4. 250 - 499 USD, 203 - 405 EUR, 159 - 317 GBP

    5. 100 - 249 USD, 81 - 202 EUR, 63 - 158 GBP

    6. 50 - 99 USD, 41 - 80 EUR, 32 - 62 GBP

    7. 10 - 49 USD, 8 - 40 EUR, 6 - 31 GBP

    8. < 10 USD, < 8 EUR, < 6 GBP

    9. ZERO, ZIP, NADA, but just you wait!

    It's up to you whether you wish to provide your exact takings so far.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • 5.

    I won a local game dev competition.

  • 10. Don't care !!

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  • A previous topic on the subject.

    Using the forums search function might have given some start of an answer.

    Also : 2

  • I already searched, but the information was literally strewn all over the shop.

    And that thread you provided, it didn't really contain much in the first place. Just that... the IRS ain't watching. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • 2. My business relies on games and app made with C2.

  • ok , first of all we can't really sell stuffs except capx to the others for example i can do a capx with a whole game then sell it to a company ( small one) or you can win a contest that it. so in this time its hard to sell the games but in the near future there will be more than these for example we can do exe files and we can sell it like minecraft or we can make android app with ads and make it free and you will get alot of many if there is alot of users downloaded it and play it. and apple app which can be for 0.99 or you can put ads but the ads isn't that good as android.

    by the way i'm using free version so i'm not allowed to get a penny ^^ but about 3days ago i have won a contest which will give me the standard version and i'm waiting it ^^

  • 2.

    In our case, actually the competitions and business cooperation

    performed better than iOS/Googleplay/Amazon/WPmarket/ChromeMarket stores.

    We are keeping finding some chance of government funding

    to build a title which will be worth to be mentioned,

    but it seems very hard in Asia.

    Luckily I have the best programming partner ever,

    but It's hard to find a really great artist who can accept the unstable income.

    It will be definitely helpful If the Scirra Store(Art/Music) become larger and better.

  • 2.

    Game dev compos. Hoping to turn it into something a bit more stable and regular entering next year :)

  • Looks like nobody made a 1... well, probably except Ashley and Tom.

    Interesting read, please keep up with your replies. It will also make for good publicity for lurkers dwelling in these forums. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I hope to be a in the top 3 soon... will be writing a couple and taking a look at the best means for deployment, real soon.

  • 8. (But uncollected) Due to focusing on building a foundation, then fate conspiring against me to prevent my hardware from working. Hence the short run of C2 tutorials, games, game updates etc....

    But 1 in terms of trying to give back to the community (spirit).

  • "10" - actualy made a dollar with Gamejolt :P

    HOWEVER, making my indie games and concept have totally boosted my portfolio, and got me in better studios in the gamedev industry. :D

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