Making a 2D top down rogue-like dungeon crawler

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  • Hey guys, this is my first forum post really.... so i apologize if it's not exactly perfect.

    If you don't want to know all about the game we are making then don't read this part, skip to the question part:

    As you have seen in the subject of this post, i'm working on making a game with about 5 other people with different skill sets like sounds, graphics and programming. I am the main programmer, along with a other programming who is kinda like my sidekick. The game is a top down rogue-like dungeon crawler. We have taken inspiration from games like Zelda, Binding of Isaac and other games. The game is based around a level like feel, like Binding of Isaac, but the whole level is open, almost like Hammerwatch. The game is partially random, but all the floors have been created prior to the start of the game. The levels that you go into are random though, so there will some random feel to it. has a pixel feel to it, because we start by making sprites and textures in 32x32 pixels, and then i enlarge them without them blurring.

    The reason i'm posting this on a forum is because i want advice! I really like listening to other people opinions, and learning from other people with the same joy for games that i have. So what i want to know is a couple of things

    1: Should we be using Construct.

    I know there are a lot of engines out there, but we kinda had to choose between Game Maker and Construct 2, because i don't actually know that many programming languages (I'm still in year 11, so it's not like i've had my whole life to learn.). I know how to program in Python, and am learning Delphi. If there are any engines out there that i can implement those languages into i would really like to know. I have never touched Pygame, but i know quite a lot about Python so if i have to that shouldn't be hard. Also we are primarily looking for a free engine, i know that Construct 2 isn't free, and if we used it we would eventually have to pay. But if it's not a crazy amount of money, then if it's worth it we could.( Be aware we are all year 11 students, and don't have the money to buy all the cool stuff.)

    2. How should we be setting up the levels

    What i mean by this is. Can i make them on single layers, or should every level be on separate layers. Also what would be a preferred resolution, because at the moment i am doing it in 1280 x 720, which seems like an alright res to start with( eventually the game will have multiple res sizes, but this is just for the start)

    That's it for now, i don't really know what else to say. I'd love to hear all your feedback, and i'd be happy to answer any questions that people have. Get back to me guz and gilz.


  • 1. C2 is fine for that, there's already a good game similar to Binding of Isaac made with C2, look it up on Steam:

    2. Why do you want to make levels on separate layers? Just make them on different layouts and when you go deeper to the next dungeon, transition to the next level/layout?

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  • Thank you!! That's a great help, its good to know someone else has achieved what we want to. And about the levels, you are totally right, and i will do it that way because now i think about it, it was stupid for me to make them on separate layers.


  • Recommend checking out the roguelike plugin by Lunarovich,

    I attempted a roguelike game, abandoned it though as working on something else:

    all done with construct2:

  • Cheers dude that looks really helpful

    Also that game is awesome

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