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  • Hi.

    Earlier i was in a flat spin due to C2 games not functioning correctly when exporting to Mac or Linux.

    The following issues are being experienced.

    Running game on mac, with any form of WebGL fx on a layer makes game unplayable. FPS drops to 10fps. If you remove WebGL fx then frames are high. The only fx used is coloring a layer with the HSL settings.

    Linux returns that dependencies are missing.

    Ashley and the community.

    Are there any fixes for the above mentioned issues?

    Or any planned fixes for smoothing out some of theses problems?

    This thread is for constructive purposes and not to be a repeat of

  • [quote:1ommx42q]Linux returns that dependencies are missing.

    That is because most modern distros (Ubuntu 13.x and up, Arch, Gentoo etc.) have a newer version of this lib.

    So basically node-webkit itself must be linked against the newer ones, to be able to run on those distros out of the box.

    Unfortunately you can't do anything about that yourself.

    You *could*, on your own box and for testing purposes, create a symlink to the newer one and pray, that the different ABI does not break anything (this is not recommended. Not. One. Bit.)

    You could also try to get ahold of the source of the older lib, build it, and LD_PRELOAD it in a wrapper script.

    Both methods require some deeper linux knowledge though and are unfit for deployment to customers.

  • I believe this is a question best suited for nw developers, i would recommend to post your question on nw mailing list!forum/node-webkit , there are a lot of active users willing to help.

  • So effectively Construct 2 cannot export to linux.

    Regardless of where the problem is considering the end user like "us" who use C2 cannot use it to distribute to Linux.

  • But you can.

    You just cannot distribute to *every* Linux distro. You have to be aware that if Node-Webkit "fixes" this, they will cut off all the legacy distro users, like Ubuntu LTS, Centos/Red Hat etc.

    You won't have a one-click-fits-all export for linux, ever, if you have external dependencies. You will always struggle to get it working for certain distros. You found the reason, why closed-source desktop software is so sparse, and why the linux landscape in its current form is basically irrelevant to the gaming industry.

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  • I am sure it works on older version. But on the latest ubuntu it does not.

    Nodewebkit has changed still looks for an old outdated Resulting in major issues with basically any NodeWebkit app running on newer Distros.

  • Here is my Rant. I do feel this is completely unacceptable.

    The mac build i can still understand. But the Linux?


  • To think of it, html5 itself isn t responsible, the node webkit export is (I still don t see why C2 even tried to promote wrappers, really the html5 export inside a browser just works in most cases without any issue compared to them, but the wrapper just tends to have more issues, just for distribution's sake, not even talking about the future when the browsers will interpret the game in a better way that the wrapper that would have stayed to it's current version), just saying that something should be done about the wrappers, we cannot just throw them in the bin (even though that is what I would have done, they serve no other purpose than a psychological executable)

    Edit: as for the high end graphic card, I can say for sure it is more false than true, even though the graphic card should be recent, my crappy laptop actually runs well done Html5 games fine.

  • Well i agree. I have seen with my own eyes, a system that can run Crysis on Full gfx... lag like crazy on my game due to WebGL Effects.

    Personally i feel if Ashley and the Devs of C2 want to make a solid product, they will have to develop their own wrappers.

    The biggest issue i have seen with C2 is lack of support for 3rd party wrappers due to most of them being opensource.

    Scirra is exposing themselves to issues like this. They don't have control of the wrappers. So they are reliant on other people. Which effectively is coming down to a simple fact... C2 cannot deliver on exporting on all platforms as intended or marketed. Because you are actually exporting to a 3rd party wrapper and not to a platform.

    So it should state you can export to any of the following wrappers who are controlled and managed by third parties. If said third party messes up like they did with NodeWebKit for linux, that its out of the control of Scirra.

    Look. I love C2. Do not get me wrong. But leaving exporting to third parties is a major risk not only to Scirra but the dev's who use it.

    I have been forced to redo all my artwork because of theses small issues. (that's 2 weeks that i have fallen behind launch)

    Also now after announcing i will have a linux version available, i now have to give away free copies of the game on linux with additional scripts to make it run on linux because simply exporting to linux is defective due to a third party controlling the linux builds.

    C2 already has a crap load of features available. What good are all these if exporting to a wide range of platforms are so problematic? It would only make good business sense to halt work on C2 itself and work on wrappers so that Scirra can take back control of what their product does upon exporting.

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