Low FPS, Converting to another program

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  • just finished my 1st app in construct 2, to be honest i like it a lot, coming from a flash developer, C2 is much easier and quicker to deploy. i made a beat sequencer app in just 1 week. Im not a coder, only knew a little action scripting, and programming in C2 blows my mind. But i'm really disappointed with the results. Although it runs flawlesly in desktop, the mobile version is super lagged! i mean talking about 60fps vs 10 fps (on a LG G3!), and i need consistent timing.

    is there any way i can improve this? will using Delta Time (dt) fix it?

    or can anyone suggest me any program / language to convert it to a proper app? (im thinking delphi)


  • Have you gone through the manual and tutorial entries on performance optimization for mobiles?

    Like this one: https://www.scirra.com/manual/134/performance-tips

  • demo:

    Avast just blocked your link saying it contains malware.

  • Make sure WebGL is enabled < yes

    Avoid using too many objects or particles < how many is too many? 200?

    Place objects using the same blend modes or effects on the same layer. > Yes

    Avoid objects with large areas of transparency. < yes

    Avoid large areas of overlap between objects. < this maybe the problem. i have some object sandwich with each other, but they are only menus. i wonder if it effects the overall performance.

    no virus / malware in that link. please ignore warning.

  • You're just not going to get better than +or- 10 ms in C2.

    You probably won't be able to get perfect timing in any engine that's v-synced, especially in mobile.

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  • What exportation option are you using to test?

  • xdk CW = idle: 45fps, play : 10-15fps

    cocoon io Canvas+ = idle 35fps, play 20fps

    the only moving part is the playhead which in collusion with the active toggle. how many is too many?

    i dont mind +- 10% as long as above 45fps at play.

  • diontoradan what program are you going to move to? I was looking at unity+playmaker and it interests me.

  • Hm... How big are your images? Remember that what looks good on a big screen, really isn't gonna make a difference on a small screen.

  • : i was going to try unity + playmaker, but i really liked what i've made, maybe this is the starting point to start to learn real programming, so i want to know what the most suitable for this kinda app. i'm thinking delphi cuz FLstudio was build on it.

    but if unity 2d is enough i think i will try unity

  • Hm... How big are your images? Remember that what looks good on a big screen, really isn't gonna make a difference on a small screen.

    the canvas is only 720p. nothing that big. every small items are cloned from 1 sprites.

    after this done im gonna make smaller screen version based on this one.

  • Performance is poor on Android, due to the JS engine of Chromium being pretty slow compared to Safari. Apple's Nitro JIT is insane fast.

    For mobiles, avoid using any of the C2 shader effects, ie. don't add effects to your sprites. It's extra slow on mobile.

  • It runs just fine in Chrome on a Moto X (2nd gen) here. The most common cause of performance issues is the browser turning off hardware acceleration due to buggy graphics drivers. You can check for this in chrome://gpu in Google Chrome. If this is the case, it's not Construct 2's fault for being slow, it's the graphics vendor's fault for writing unreliable drivers that crash browsers forcing them to disable it

  • you are still new to C2 bro bet if you post the capx file here we optimize it to run 55 - 60 fps

  • Are you using very large size images?

    Most large ones work well on Desktop for obvious reasons but not so much on mobile devices.

    Also do you have a lot of stuff going on in your "Every X Seconds" or any loops?

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