looking for team members!:D

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  • Hey I'm looking for a few guys that want to help me create a gaming website in the same style as this: http://www.miniclip.com

    I already own a domain www.cakez.eu

    I'll create the website from scratch xD

    And I really need an artisan because i suck at using paint/gimp etc

    I'll use construct 2 but if you're using any other html5 game maker/or code your game from scratch its okay:D

    I will of course give you as much credit as I give to my self.

    Send me a mail or reply to this topic if you want to join the team. My mail is linux.nilssonisz@gmail.com

  • That is the worst website I've ever seen. I'm trying to be nice, but just can't find anything nice to say. It's just basic html. The images look like paint/clipart and the guest book is white which does not fit in with the black.

  • A bit of advice, creating a social gaming website "from scratch" is a hefty challenge. I advise to start with AVArcade or ArcademPro as a structure and then simply modify the css and such to suit your needs.

    I can't remember what it was called but at one time I had the script for a php/mysql arcade that had a setup where you could easily iframe a game from another website or use xd controls to implant a game into your site. I managed to get it to let people play Runescape and Poptropica on my site.

    If I can remember the name of the script I'll PM it to you.

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  • Urled

    Actually its because i havn't worked on it. Its a one.com website template.

  • That is the worst website I've ever seen. I'm trying to be nice

    You're not being nice, and this forum would be a nicer place to be if you held back from remarks like that.

    linkanbinkan - the best way to encourage people to join you is to show previous work you've done, to prove you're serious. I'm afraid I don't think a website template you bought is going to persuade many people.

  • Hello Linkanbinkin,

    The first thing I noticed is that you indicated your desire to build a gaming site and almost immediately after that you said you were not good with the artsy stuff. I just want you to know that we all have our strong points and we all have to start somewhere!

    I'm sure many might laugh at my rudimentary games because I am new and have lots to learn but they can laugh and even be sorta rude (if they must!), but I would be willing to bet they were all once newbies too!

    Dream big and work even harder and you'll do just fine! Come back when you and your team have made a success at it so we can see your website and play all your great games!

    Take care....

  • I presume this is not a paid request. Am I correct?

    Dream big and work even harder and you'll do just fine!

    aby steps, though.

  • This is nothing serious, so no i will not pay you. This is just for fun im not a skilled programmer I only know the basics of java. If you are a very serious programmer I guess you shouldn't join. So I will accept any newb because I'm one of them;)

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