Looking at the best way to monetize a web game with C2

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  • Hi everyone,

    So we have an RPG we are looking to develop. We decided to explore web for this game instead of mobile.

    I went to check out the Kongregate plugin and i could have sworn i remember it having more calls and what not.. but it seems to have pretty vague / limited language. Can we make games that use kongregate money or call ads?

    It seems like the answer is No, but I don't know what ways we can get things like IAP working.. facebook has very limited options as well.. it's great for login / friend stuff.. which is great but i don't know how we could get money from players, assuming we have a fun game people like.

    Clay.IO seems like a possibility but it still seems to be more mobile-web focused. i'm targeting PC browsers though I would love it if the game would work on tablets of course, but not really the main focus



  • It depends on how you want to monetize.

    Ad's work for most platforms, but none are crossplatform.

    Iap is largely undocumented, as well as unworking.

    I'd say sell things outright on itch.io, or Steam, but Nwjs is a joke.

    Clay's gone btw.

  • newt thanks for responding! Much appreciated

    My buddy and I did some initial testing. He's developing the back end using Google App Engine (RIP Parse) and we got our initial ajax calls working so we're looking now to see if we can make a web game likely using facebook as our login / account creation or another service, but obviously we're looking for options that have Construct 2 plugins we can use.

    However it sounds like you're saying there are no working plugins for Construct 2 to do IAP. Maybe we'll need to make our own plugin using a service like Paypal. The only paypal plugin I know of is the Cranberry Cordova one which won't help us.

    The other thing that would be nice is allowing players to watch rewarded videos to get coins awarded. Should I be talking to my partner about us just DIY our own plugins.

    I have heard of itch.io but does it have a plugin to use? Steam.. meh.. some day maybe, but not for our first iteration.. too much work to do first.

    We want something we can rapidly test and C2 seems like browser based gaming will make this the easiest way.

    Are we really on our own? I would have thought all this time web game support would be incredible considering C2 is a HTML5 BROWSER ENGINE..

    Clay.IO that is unfortunate. I remember using it awhile back testing it out and I like it.. full featured.. just wasn't good for mobile gaming.

  • There is no silver bullet, but a shotgun will work.

    Basically you have to use every route available.

    Oddly enough I think the most profitable method is the selling of yourself.

  • selling of yourself? you mean just doing your own thing?

    I had a call with my partner and yea i think we're just going to roll our own Paypal plugin.. He's made one before when we were doing some parse testing.

    I think our strategy at this point would be:

    use facebook plugin to create a facebook game.. and using facebook as a way of easy account creation...

    paypal for IAP stuff. Might disect the Cranberry Cordova Paypal plugin for some ideas.. but it should be relatively straight forward I think.

    possibly supersonic if we want to do rewarded videos...

    Since we're making the game for browser (chrome for example) we should have access to all the nice browser commands available.

  • I mean the marketing, even that can be monetised.

    As far as iap for the generic web, good luck. It's going to be difficult to find someone to handle transactions without having to offer your first born.

  • yea gotcha.

    we'll try paypal.. it's been around a long time. the example I'd cite that we'll try is something like what tannoth.. https://purchase.gamepay.de/xml/fronten ... /frontend3

    of course they take a cut but as long as it works I'm less concerned about that. we may just have to have more expensive price points like $5 as minimum.

    Supersonic will work with HTML5 web services.. we just did a game recently using supersonic so that's something we're familiar with.

    Is there a good web analytic solution that's ready to go for C2? I know we have google analytics but the plugin I know of is cordova based.. so it won't work with a browser game.

  • monetize marketing? I'm curious what you mean by that also.

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  • Blogging, videos, demos, game assets, etc.

  • ah ok yea i follow you now. thanks for clarifying

  • And about monetize a web game? Is possible?

  • I see no reason why not, but its likely going to take us to write our own plugin I think.

    I am really disappointed though that C2 doesn't have a strong web monetization path.. all this time i thought it did..

    I thought Mobile was it's weak area.. web is HTML5's wheelhouse.. how the hell does that not have plugins ready to go to monetize web?

  • I am really disappointed though that C2 doesn't have a strong web monetization path.. all this time i thought it did..

    Yes, this is also an area C3 can improve on. I hope it will.

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