Loaded vs. Preloaded?

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  • Looking at a plugin and it has the following triggers for banner ads:

    On banner ad preloaded

    On banner ad loaded

    Loaded banner ad

    What is the difference between these? I would think they all mean there is a banner ad ready to display? Thanks.

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  • CDogs1964

    I'm not sure if I remember it well.

    On banner ad preloaded - That means the ad is downloaded from the internet.

    On banner ad loaded - That means the ad is placed on the layout. (In a Once Trigger)

    Loaded banner ad - Same with "On banner ad loaded" but it is not a trigger. (Runs every tick)

    Let me guess, it is Cordova Admob by cranberrygame right? This plugin of his unfortunately doesn't have any description and makes it harder to understand.

    BTW if you are making for mobile, this plugin doesn't work properly with IntelXDK anymore.

    I suggest you use Josek5494 's plugins:

    Admob Pro:

    Paid version: ($20.00)

    *100% ad income is yours..

    Free version:

    *98% ad income is yours

    *2% ad income for the developer (Liming Xie)

    or you can use:

    Admob Free:

    *100% ad profit is yours.

    -Though, it doesn't have reward video interstital ad feature.

  • For Intel XDK, these ads have worked like a charm for me,

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4896/s ... arning-ads

  • Thanks. It is cranberry's and I use it with XDK without issue. i see a lot of comments that it does nt work, but I have not had any problems.

    STARTECHSTUDIOS I have heard good things about Appodeal. Thanks.

  • I also use admob with xdk without any problems.

    When adding the 3rd party plugin in xdk, the package name has changed to 'cordova-plugin-ad-admob'

    this seems to work for me, I don't think this is clear in the c2 manual, and needs to be updated.

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