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  • Back when I used to program in XNA I used lists quite a bit. Basically, in games like where you need to save multiple items and to possibly come back to that list of items. RPG and surprisingly rhythm games use lists heavily.

    Now, the array feature could arguably be used for this. Creating a new array each time you need a list and when you think about it that is all an list is: a single column array.

    However, having a list function would be good to have. Features such as save list, add to list, subtract to list would be a very nice to have. Especially since I love rhythm games.

    Anyway, this isn't a priority. Maybe after Scirra finishes their to do list and after they take an extended vacation in Portugal then maybe they can visit the idea of a list in C2.

    Just a thought.

  • You could mess "easier" with tokenat/tokencount.

    A little bit of string concatenation, other useful system expressions for Text (find, replace,...)

    It doesn't replace a true plugin, but it might be a little less heavy to use than arrays.

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  • That looks pretty cool. Something even simpler than that would be ideal. C# and XNA have done a good job with it.

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