List control - what have you been able to do with it.

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  • I'm posting this strictly out of curiosity...

    The List control seems to be a very useful tool in C2 and I'd like to know how much.

    What creative implementations have you been able to make using this tool in C2 either for games or applications?

    Also I'd like to know if you've used it on mobile and your experience so far. I'm currently developing for mobile and I'd like to know as much as I can about the tools thar translate well to that platform.

    Again, I'm posting this strictly to feed my curiosity and maybe learn a trick or two in the process. Please feel free to share.

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  • I used it to create an app. The app was a dictionary tagger. However I wouldn't use List Control with a 10 foot pole for gaming.

  • jayderyu I see... I'm not using it for gaming either... I'm trying to figure out a decent way to make a long menu for an app(not a game) that would translate well in mobile hopefully w/o slowing it down to a crawl... so far I've not been successful on that attempt... most of my menus are usually short but in this case I have to make one that much much longer. Ironically what I've been able to make moves awesome on chrome(desktop) ... not so much on crosswalk(mobile). All part of the experimentation process I guess. I did like that I can change the css on the list view w/o much fuzz... personally I'd much rather be able to type in my whole css rather than go one line at a time.

  • Though I haven't done it myself. You can set the object CSS tag. Then insert the CSS block else where. that way you don't need to do it line by line.

  • I did several things like that. I put all my css in a variable for referencing later and when needed I dump a css file or code in the main html that I can use manually... they both seem to work for me so far although I rather not mess with it much because I am known for forgetting where I put things . So far what I've been doing works albeit much slower than expected,

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