Likelihood of wrappers for Xbox etc?

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  • Hi all,

    It seems things are looking good for the short term future of platform specific builds of C2 games, with things like CocoonJS getting better and faster by the day.

    My question is, whats the likelihood of wrappers to get our C2 Games running AND SELLING natively on platforms like XBOX live etc.


  • I think thats a long shot, but what can be done is to make a brilliant demo, and use it to pitch your concept to for example Microsoft. If they're interested you can recruit some people and port it to the appropriate platform.

    I mean, games with quality like super meat boy is very possible to create with C2, given you have an extraordinary art direction, and solid gameplay.

  • The platforms we can potentially make HTML5 wrappers for are:

    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
    • iOS
    • Android

    There's also anything PhoneGap Build supports which includes Windows Phone 7, but it doesn't support touch events properly which makes it difficult to use. I've been meaning to check out some of the other platforms PhoneGap supports, but just haven't got round to it yet.

    Everything else seems unlikely to allow it for technical reasons. For example the XBox simply does not support running Javascript from games. Another HTML5 game engine ImpactJS tried, using a special .NET library to run Javascript:

    Result? 3 frames per second. So that looks like a dead-end.

    My preferred strategy is to wait for the next generation of consoles, which should appear in the next year or two. Since Windows 8 is making a big deal of supporting HTML5, it seems reasonable they might also support it in the XBox 720 (or whatever they call it). Other consoles might also support HTML5 themselves. Before then, I don't think there's anything we can do.

  • It's a long shot but juantar had posted about a XNA exporter with somewhat of a solid proof of concept.

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  • That looks like an interesting project, but I was speaking from an official point of view... we can't offer support for a third party exporter, plus since the codebase is different it is more likely there are subtle incompatibilities with existing projects. On top of that I doubt it will support any third party plugins or behaviors at all since the XBox can't run Javascript well.

  • That's correct, my exporter would require all the plugins to rewritten in c#. The main reason I started working in the expoter is that I have a developers apphub account and wanted to see if i could create a simple xna game for xbox/windows phone. Unfortunately, the time i spend working on it is not much, most of time goes to my day job and my family. I will still try to work on it as much as i can.

    so basically, my exporter is for a specific short term goal. Ashley and Scirra made a very wise choice on choosing Html5 because that is the platform that Microsoft is heavily pushing for 2d games. Proof of that is that xna is currently not supported in Windows metro. My guess is that they will push html5 on the next xbox as well and xna will go the way of visualbasic and foxpro ;-)

  • back to square1... microsoft just announced continuing support for Flash in Win8 :(

    I thought that with win8, Flash would finally disappear slowly...

  • back to square1... microsoft just announced continuing support for Flash in Win8 :(

    I thought that with win8, Flash would finally disappear slowly...

    I beleive it's nothing serious as the HTML5 support.

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