Leadbolt, ingame on browser? (monetizing)

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  • Hello, Ive searched forum for similiar topic but could only find one with no responses dating back to may so I've decided to make a new one and explain in detail "what and why".

    Im really happy with my purchase of construct 2, and im mostly going to target web browsers I know there exists plugin for clay.io but Im totally not interested in going with clay.io unless it will be only existing option.

    I want to have "ingame" ads instead of having it on the bottom of html page - so I could distribute the game to various sites that allow to upload with ads so I will still earn some money on that.

    I dont hate clay.io or something, its because I can find very easily examples of devs that earn money with it, and none with clay.io - beside that my partner has used it (leadbolt) and have very good experience with revenue.

    So my question is:

    How should I approach this? Ive never worked with javascript but I do have experience with programming - few years in fact.

  • It's super simple (once you know how it's done).

    1. Get pode's HTML pack here: scirra.com/forum/plugins-pode-html-pack_topic51522_page1.html

    (that's a plugin suite for several things, you will be using the iframe plugin)

    2. Look at soybean's posting here: scirra.com/forum/forum_posts.asp

    You put the iframe where you want in your game and use the URL like described in the above post (basically you fill in your leadbolt app id)

    3. Profit.

    (On a side note: Leadbolt currently serves only mobile browser ads - so for desktop browser use you need to pick a different ad provider)

  • Thank you Eisen, I was gonna ask this same question.

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  • Thanks for your incredible help I will test this in next few days.

    Desktop is not a problem as Im not targetting it at all for now.

  • Just so it's clear what Clay.io offers regarding advertisements: Right now we serve up a few different ad networks, trying to maximize the revenue depending on the device used (Leadbolt for example is one of the ad networks, and typically has much better results than, say, inmobi), as well as the country a player is located in (some ad networks do better in certain countries). Of course, we take a 10-30% cut (depending on where the game is being played) so there are definitely pros and cons :)

    Eventually the plan is to roll out our own ad network so more money makes it to both the developer and Clay.io, but we need *much* more traffic before that becomes a possibility.

    As Eisenhans mentioned, Leadbolt is mobile-web only, but from our experience, it's probably the best ad network for mobile HTML5 games right now.

    If you can manage to not break AdSense's terms (something most games have problems with), they're likely going to give you the highest CPM.

  • Q1: does LeadBolt AppWall, via HTML, looks good on 1280x720 and higher?

    Q2: I've heard that in some cases LeadBolt pays CPI (Cost Per Install) not CPC (Cost Per Click) so you can have 50 clicks and 0$ (in similar situation on AdMob - every click is paid)

  • I've had leadbolt ads sitting in my game since an year.

    It made $13 till now. (the game has 20,000 downloads and ~20% retention)

    I run my own analytics and the difference between what leadbolt reports vs what my analytics says is way way off. (like 1:5 or 1:6)

    Besides I've also figured out that CPI isn't really coming.

    I wish that C2 had figured out both ads and IAPs by now in a universal included plugin that WORKS, I've probably been requesting this since 2012. Dying hope

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