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  • Hello folks,

    I'm very disappointed with myself because I'm working daily to finish at least one of my projects and I can't.

    The main issue is time, the lack of knowledge on advanced features and other type of things.

    I still waiting for that "save state" feature to finish most of my projects too, because I simple can't work more time on events to make my own save system for RPGs.

    So, these days, browsing on the internet I found this game: Knights of Pen and Paper, and liked the game.

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    I wanna hear about you Guys, what do you think about Table RPG, with a really enjoying adventure and some animations?

    For myself, the main issue may be is make the inventory system without plugins.

  • If you're unable to finish projects because you lack the knowledge to use advanced features then starting a new, equally complex game probably isn't going to help you.

    Why don't you simply spend time learning the features?

  • I actually think it's a good idea, personally I learn best when I challenge myself.

  • Being someone who sits down weekly to play Table Top pen and paper rpgs(sigh to the fact I even need to mention Table at all). I find that most erpg's aren't very rpg'ish. So this game looks interesting to me.

    I've been wanting to take my BRPG(board rpg) and make it into C2 at some point in the future.

    If you can manage to capture the social experience that table top gaming brings and avoid the dickish online behaviour. I say go for it, but finish your first project since it's nearing completion.

  • If you can manage to capture the social experience that table top gaming brings and avoid the dickish online behaviour.

    ah...there's the rub.

  • : I roll dice as much as time allows, amigo--I understand the concern with bringing the game into the mainstream. I plan and am in the early planning phase of working on such a game. While I haven't figured how to avoid that stated problem, I do have a few ideas that I think are long overdue.

    1) Do you remember Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior for the NES? That's a great starting point. I'm partial to single-player RPGs as I don't believe MMO style junk is a real incarnation of RPGs. With an old school RPG like FF or DW, if designed right, the game can be expanded with new quests, maps, items, and so forth. The trick here would be to design it from the beginning for easy expansion.

    2) A table-top simulation program allowing players to create, evolve, and save their characters. True multiplayer (real-time session) would be great, but I don't think C2 supports this yet. I'm trying to figure out how an e-mail based system might work, with the program auto-sending the turn updates; alternatively, a single-player incarnation allowing the player to save any character and then draw from his personal pool of characters to create a party. Again, expansions r' us with this idea.

    I think that's enough jabbering. Dice get me excited. :)

  • I'm really serious about start a manga using this idea =]

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  • Go for it, the biggest success IP's tend to have parallel product support. Mickey Mouse(Disney), Pokemon are huge products based around parrallel products that both enhance each other :) so go for it. I've been wanting to do a comic series for my omen rpg. i just can't draw :D

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