About the jerkiness on the movement...

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  • I still have the installer for the previous NW version in case you guys need it

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wr2ei9hbdvbht ... 2.exe?dl=0

    Thanks, was searching through my game wondering why it had dropped ~10 FPS.

    Don't you think it would be good if Ashley could make a backlog of Nodewebkit installers so we don't get stuck with bad releases like the current one? Similar to how we have a backlog of C2 releases: http://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases

  • i asked on "bug" section

    see, i have the steam version, and as you know, i cant go back to r187

    wich means im screwed if ashley sticks with the current version of NW

    ashley needs to go back 1 version of NW atleast, right now NW is not useable. sorry.

    thanks a lot

    thanks a lot

  • Well, at least the last 2 or 3 versions. We can't expect Ashley to support every old version of node, but new versions seem to have a tendency to break things...

  • This is stressin me out, yall. I'm still using 185 for my Steam early access builds. It sounds like im pooched if i upgrade to 187, correct?

  • It depends on what version of node is shipped with the next stable...and I assume r189 will be the next stable.


    Please let us use the previous version of node with r189...however it has to be managed.

  • Going backwards isn't in general a solution. I need to know more details about this again. I know it's like this thread all over again but it's simply essential to know things like: is it the same as what happens in Chrome? (That's the difference between filing a bug with Google or with the node-webkit devs) - does it happen with all games? - does it happen on all hardware? - etc etc...

  • i have the steam version too, sadly, i updated and my most updated version of my game is saved on r188

    dont update, but if ashley updates to stable, you are done for too. but for now, stay in the last stable.

  • Ashley

    well i tried it on chrome and nw, and in both happens the fps stays in 60 but i looks jerky.

    i tried firefox, but firefox does not give me 60 fps, so i cant test it there, becuase it runs horrible.

    phenom x4 965t black edition

    8gb of ram

    radeon hd 6950 xfx 2gb

    i dont know whats causing it, but the previous version of NW was running fine for me.

  • If Chrome is the same then node-webkit is working properly and it's a Chrome issue... I would guess it's the same as this: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=422000

    They already patched it and I saw it working great in Canary, but then they reverted the patch for some reason, but hopefully it means a fix is on the way.

    AFAIK it's limited to Windows - does the jank still happen on Mac or Linux?

  • but hopefully it means a fix is on the way.


  • Ashley

    thanks the heavens , and yes, thats exactly the symptoms that i expirience, the exact same thing.

    im so relief to read this n.n so it was pretty much the Vsync

    will be waiting for the fix, thanks a lot

    i tested it on windows 8

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  • I have try the new node-webkit v0.11.1 , still not fix the problem

  • I have try the new node-webkit v0.11.1 , still not fix the problem

    Apparently it's a Chrome issue, not directly caused by node-webkit

  • Chrome 39 seems a lot better here. Check you're up to date in 'About Google Chrome' and then try again - are games working better?

    If node-webkit can update to at least v39, that could fix it there too.

  • Ashley

    tried it on chrome v39 and it seems a little better, but is still there, almost full force, but i dont know since i dont use chrome, so im not used to the chrome performance, i will need to see on NW

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