About the jerkiness on the movement...

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  • Aurel, UberLou, ,

    Chromium 38 certainly is a problem and the move to update NW is not going to help... Ashley, can I request a roll back to the previous version of NW until Google sort this problem out, unless updating it fixes a bunch of other problems (that I'm not aware of)?

    As an aside, this is such a problem that I am seriously considering building using r187 and NW for the forthcoming Ludum Dare comp....

  • There is no link to the old version of node? I thought the idea of making node modular was partly to deal with this very contingency?

    ...ah, it looks like only the new version can export 64 bit binaries, so older versions are blocked.

    We need 64 bit...why? Whose game is using more than 4GB of memory?


    Please, please revert this for the next stable...chrominium 38 (and thus, node-webkit v0.11.0) has totally nerfed performance.

  • Colludium

    How do your graphs come out in the new node vs. the old version?

  • TiAm,

    I never thought to check that before.... Here is the result of running the test in NW using r187 (I am using my phone as a modem and will not get access to the new release for a few hours).

    eli0s - these results might interest you! I have no idea what to make of this - even though it's super-smooth on my game, it appears that the reported dt values are rounded....

  • Hmmm...that couldn't be right...could it?

  • Colludium , my friend,

  • eli0s,

    LOL - totally appropriate song! Would you be able to add a comment to the Chrome bug report I submitted and show a screen shot of what happens to your browser with my test? I imagine they will be interested and might ask for some more details from you. There's something not quite right going on in some versions of the chromium engine and on some platforms but not all... It might even be worth a separate bug report - I dunno. The fact that Chrome runs fine in my test makes this inconsistent - a challenge to debug, I'm sure!

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  • Colludium , I've added the results of your newest test on the Chromium report issue here. It's this one, right?

  • Perfect - that will get them scratching their heads, I think...

  • OWOWOWOWOW!! if you see this thread in the start i said that i did not expirienced any lag.

    BUT wow since r188 it just lags like crazy, the fps stay at 60fps but it looks like it was running at 45.

    before r188 i did not expirience any lag. but now wow!!!

    where do it get last node webkit installer, the new version lags really bad

  • Here's a NW dt comparison for the r187 and r188 versions...

  • where do it get last node webkit installer, the new version lags really bad

    I'd love to know. It's easy to roll back to r187, but what about NW ?

    Colludium Impressive!

  • Colludium , heh, it's like 16,7 ms is repelling the data! Perhaps this is now on the realm of wave functions, probability curves and quantum fluctuations! Maybe the laws of physics doesn't allow for perfect syncing without jerkiness. Who are we after all, that we wish to tame all those electrons for our entertainment???

  • Aurel

    I still have the installer for the previous NW version in case you guys need it

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/wr2ei9hbdvbht ... 2.exe?dl=0

  • For those who would like a copy of the old nw loader - here's a link to a copy I have saved.

    Edit - ha! Ninja'd by Lunatrap!

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