About the jerkiness on the movement...

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  • Colludium

    XD hahaha

  • The new version lags really bad for me too~~~

  • Colludium , heh, it's like 16,7 ms is repelling the data! Perhaps this is now on the realm of wave functions, probability curves and quantum fluctuations! Maybe the laws of physics doesn't allow for perfect syncing without jerkiness. Who are we after all, that we wish to tame all those electrons for our entertainment???

    All data points indicate that the render thread is undergoing a massive Laplacian deconvergence. This is almost unequivocally the result of a inverse paradox transform, causing non-linear chaotic gain and timey-wimey-wibbley-wobbley...stuff.

  • Hilarious!! And I thought you were going to mention a 5 stage Kalman Filter, However, I've come to realize that no-one understands how they work (just like no one knows how they built their browser engines, it would appear....).

  • Had to google it...third result down:

    Two-stage Unscented Kalman Filter for Nonlinear Systems in the

    Presence of Unknown Random Bias

    Please tell me that this is a real paper. Please tell me that there are such things as Unscented Kalman filters.

    I don't need proof.

    I want to believe.

  • Colludium Lunatrap Thanks a lot guys for the old NW installer! : )

  • "HTML5 is the future of gaming".

    Sometimes I have a serious doubt about that Sentence, and now is one of that times.

    It seems that when we give one step in the right direction(canary 40), then we give two steps in wrong direction.

    I know Browsers are trying to fix these issues , but my sensation is that Browsers don't take HTML5 gaming too serious.

    I´ll put on hold my games until v-sync issues are fixed, because I can't show them to publishers, and give them one more reason to think that HTML5 is not ready for a serious game experience.

    Unfortunately we rely on too many partners, if I could rely only on Scirra and Ashley reliability, I would sleep a lot better

  • HTML5 is the future BECAUSE it is truly multiplatform and that everyone can potentially do an interpreter, an ecosystem ruled by rules so you Can rely on others, instead of reinventing the wheel.

    as I said before, browsers are just a partial part of its ecosystem, browsers currently failing never means it is impossible, it just means we have to make them try harder to correct the issues.

    bugs have to be corrected, never to be worked around, and html5, css, and JS are part of a specification, not a "browser language", if we cannot make it work somehow, it would simply means that we cannot make an entire ecosystem agree on rules, which is more worrying than anything else.

    as for the jerkiness, if they cannot vsync properly, then they will have to do another way.

  • Hi Aphrodite , you are right, HTML5 is the future, but "future" can be tomorrow, or 10 years from now, but I believe that day will come, that's why I use Construct2 for 8 hours a day for the last 3 years, but sometimes is really frustrating to show a publisher a game that worked well 2 months ago, and now is complete mess.

  • I think the specification got finalised recently, not sûre if that means what I think it means, but IMO it means rules are now correctly defined, so I would expect less breaks.

    However I understand your frustration.

  • I think C2 should adopt a practice where it maintains compatibility with the last 2 or 3 versions of node. Default to the newest, but let us choose.

  • One more "enhancement" about the last NW update.

    Export your game, try to ALT+TAB.

    Back to your game? Tearing everywhere!

    Please don't invite this NW update for the next stable C2 release, Ashley.

    This thing is hostile for now.

  • One more "enhancement" about the last NW update.

    Export your game, try to ALT+TAB.

    Back to your game? Tearing everywhere!

    Please don't invite this NW update for the next stable C2 release, Ashley.

    This thing is hostile for now.

    Aurel oh wow!! i thought i was the only one that notice this but i have notice it on the fps, i work on c2 while seeing videon on youtube, when im testing the game and looking for bugs and etc, when the video i was listening ends, i alt+tab to put another one, and when i go back to testing my game, the fps takes a big hit, and is keeps doing this fps: 60-59-58-57-60-60-59-56-60-60-59-59-58-58 and so on, and so on

    and it never goes back to smooth 60, so yeah, dont alt-tab

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  • Damn. I'm still waiting to start coding my game, but since it is going to be an action game, this doesn't look to promising atm :/

  • Canary is still nerfed, though not as bad as Chrome Stable (38). Chrome 38 even stutters slightly on the autorunner template...and that's on a 3570k after disabling scaling.

    But the worst...is Firefox. I mean, it was never great, but it's become an absolute joke. Auto-runner is a slideshow...even as it reports 60 fps. How it got this messed up just boggles the mind.

    IE is smooth as silk.

    Ladies and gentlemen: welcome to the twilight zone.

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