Jagged edges in r152

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  • When i Run a Layout i've made on r146 yesterday in r152 - the graphics looks different. A diagonal line, looks grainlike, with jagged edges. And the colours are more dull? Like if i put a blue sprite on top of a green, the colours smear out?

    Also a nice looking circle yesterday, looks jagged now.

    I do not know if its a setting somewhere that do this? I've tried find it, but cant find it.

    Regards for a GREAT editor! :)

  • Here is a before/after.

    That shows the issue with the colors.

    Its not blue anymore, its purple?

    I use Firefox browser and i do not know how it looks in Chrome.

    Now, I KNOW its not good praxis to put blue colour on top of green ok :)

    Well, it seems im not allowed to post URLs to show the helpful pic.



  • We had lots of spam bots posting links and the like. You can build up some reputation points very quickly. Bots can't.

    I'd be interested in helping you, but the line "*makes me think UNINSTALL ALL SCIRRA PRODUCTS RIGHT AWAY* BYE!" makes me think that you're not really worth spending the time helping, sadly.

    This may not be the case, and you may be joking, but adding the word 'Joke' to the end of such a line will make people relate to your issue, rather than start wondering if you're only 12.

    If I offend you, I apologise. Construct 2 is a fantastic program, so I consider people who dismiss it out of hand plain ol' silly.

  • I got frustrated, and put my thoughts into words. For that I Apologize.

    I will not uninstall, cause I love this program, and have made lots of nice things with it.

    The Scirra guys, sounds like nice people, with good hearts. Very creative and excellent solutions.

    Most other sites have a captcha solution

    Not forcing people to build up reputation points.

    A lot of humans try, and try again with a problem to solve it before they ask for help. When they do, they need it. Its frustrating if you dial 911 and they say "We must make sure you are sincere, can you please build up some reputation points first."

    Some visual problems are hard to explain, and the first people ask for is a picture, or in this case when its a computer-program, that we are working with - they ask for a program file .capx

    You can wonder why, the reputation program exist. I do not think it is because of bots.

    It is better to be honest and speak the truth, than try to stretch the truth to mask the real intentions.

    If we should ban computers just because some people abuse them and let 100% of the rest of the world not use them. That's not fair, when there is so many other more logical solutions.

    It's better to turn the other cheek to the low percentage of abusers, just because its morally right. And the increase in labour to address some spam, can look lazy.

    3 times this has hindered me asking for help. And you guys probably knows how frustrating programming can be.

    I'm just a man that use words... Perhaps painting mental images, with the words, a bit too much. It's feelings, and I'm human.

    If I can feel it, others can too.

    So I'm helping you also feel, feel what your customers feel. Perhaps I've made you a dollar or two, planting some thoughts that will take shape in the future to something better than the present day.

    I wont apologize for my feelings, as I wont apologize that I like strawberry ice-cream more than chocolate ice-cream. Feelings are never wrong, even the most evil ones. Its what you do and act - that can be wrong. The choice you make when you have the feeling.

    No one can decide another persons favourite choice of ice-cream.

    I do apologize if I offended anyone by expressing my self so rudely. Cause I DID. And if this hurt their feelings. I want everybody to be happy, and I care a lot.

    Normally I'm the kindest ever, but I got upset.


  • Copy, and paste will always work.


  • I would do a couple of things, the settings in Construct 2 got reset for me during one of the latest updates, make sure that pixel rounding, sampling (linear not point) and all the other settings you usually do for your layouts are set back to what you originally had them at.

  • It's hard to help without screenshots or a .capx. Post links without the http:// or part and it should work.

  • I don't know if this is related, but I'll post it here before creating a new thread.

    I'm getting white lines between individual sprites of one object on the exported html (and cocoonjs apk) but the game renders normally in preview mode.

    They weren't present on 151.2, but I did add a bunch of things after upgrading to 152.

    <img src="https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/35440583/C2Forums/Const2Export.png" border="0" />

  • KFC:

    I got my answer in C2 manual entry Tilemap object. Citation: " Seams occur due to fractional positioning or scaling of the display (e.g. scrolling half way between pixels like at X co-ordinate 100.5, or using the non-integer letterbox scale mode which could have a scale like 1.7x), and these settings ensure there is no fractional positioning or scaling. "

    Try to use recommended settings and see if it helps.



  • moxBorealis

    They're individual sprites, not a tilemap. Also I didn't change any configuration settings between when the exported project looked the same as when previewed and it does now.

  • exactly why you have seams - individual sprites and letterbox scale can produce such results. Try if the non-integer letterbox scale mode solves your problem.


  • Non-integer letterbox scale gives the same results.

    Just wanted to add that the sprites under the trees are the same size as the other grass, just a different object, and they don't have white lines between each other.

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  • KFC

    I've posted on this before.


    I think it's probably due to the packing of sprites into spritesheet.

    You can try these settings:

    pixel rounding - Yes

    point sampling - Yes

    letterbox integer scale

    See if it helps with your case first.

    If it doesn't, try using different sprites for your images so they don't get packed into a sprite sheet. That works for me.

  • Make the images 1 pixel larger and overlap them, unless you want to do pixel rounding and ruin the quality.

  • ok KFC, than try exactly as Waltz posted:

    Point sampling on

    Pixel rounding on

    Letterbox integer scale

    as recommended in manual :)

    p.s. im not a fan of overlaping bigger sprites ...


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