It's 2015, How's Your Game Performing on Phones?

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  • i have added another build which is much faster for me. maybe for you too?

  • I'm trying to figure out whether I'll run into a brick wall later on the mobile front by sticking with C2, or look for something else like HaxeFlixel. But yeah, it's been a couple of years already and I feel our mindset is still stuck in some mobile-performance-fiasco timewarp considering that a lot of yesteryear's premium handsets are now more available to the masses and today's handsets across the price/performance spectrum are pretty decent and quite affordable. So do we still need to worry about mobile performance and C2 builds for mobile given today's scenario? Yesterday's performance phones is in today's flea markets as second hand phones. Today's mass market phones seem to have decent performance... but can they happily run C2 games and up to what level of complexity? Today's total crap Androids are still used by the masses, but are they ones who will do IAP? Probably not, but in terms of eyeballs for your ads, yeah they might be important in that regard *IF* they have the time to play your games, but they probably won't because they load up their games at informal "download spots" in a flea market who have a collection of popular titles to load up on those phones.

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  • People are still attempting mobile games with HTML5 / C2? Huh.

    My thoughts exactly...

  • Square Eater ( is working pretty good on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Android 4.4.2, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and even better on Samsung Galaxy S 5 with Android 5 (Lollipop). It works better on Lollipop than it was before, I think.

    I don't have other devices to test.

  • I made a simple game for tablets that seems to run fairly smooth on the iPad 1. Haven't had an opportunity to test it on a newer device, but hoping that it runs at least as smoothly or even better considering the newer versions are more powerful. Ran slow as molasses on phones, though, so I only ever released it for tablets. Unfortunately it involves a physics-based ragdoll, and physics seem to wreak havoc on the FPS when it comes to mobile.

  • ex32

    Ok, my brother test your Game at a samsung Galaxy 4 and his brandnew s6.... i tell you the results tonight.....

  • Results: On all Android-Smartphones run the game, but: On all the smartphones (S2/S4/S6) it run with breaks in the framerate. Its the most time over 50 fps but all 8-10 Seconds the app stops for a short time. No one will play it or pay it with this conditions.

    Oh yeah, i break now my project complete. I have the last two weeks (therapy after the "wrapper" & "compile"-disaster here) spend my time with UnrealEngine and the blueprints. Its hard, but doable! What me helps (its hard in the beginning) is to learn the 3d editor and blueprints seperate.... I think its a long way, but waiting (after weeks and months) for updates is a longer way! Its a pity! I haved use C2 with his wonderful workflow for a long time......

  • BasicTribe

    thanks for the results , look like xdk is out of question,Cocon is the only way for now

  • Really bad...

    • i just moved to unity, it rocks!
  • construct is really good for non programmers and for simple mobile games, i will stay with it and hope scirra will start officially support coconjs again, because with xdk even flappy bird is lagging.

  • ex32 i test your game and get stable 56-59 fps ( admir in a crappy chinese smartphone with 1gb of ram and mediatek quadcore crappy cpu mali 400 gpu not so crappy after all brand boy). i played 3 levels without problem. the annoying thing was that everytime the player lands after jumping i get a feeling like it happens an "earthquake" the camera is shaking a lot i dont know if you do this in purpose like an "effect" or is an origin point in some of your players frame off a little bit..

    ps from the "yes" in the end of every level i asume you are very young. i ve got to say that ive played your game for about 20 minutes its very addictive. be a little more artistic with your assets (like the platforms or the base under the ancient columns for example) and your game will get a huge boost. and remove the yes of course in the end of the levels young warrior add some fireworks

    great game too much fun..keep it up

  • spy84 thank you for your review , it is very hard to tell if the game will work or not, i do have only 1 device i can test on, so when basictribe said he tested on several samsung models and said it was bad , i was really depressed will remove it and also i will add some effects and such . Thank you again for positive review

    Ps: the earthquake was there for purpose , i meant it to be when you land hard it will shake the screen a bit.

  • for testing purposes only make your platforms a little bigger ( for easier play) and remove the "earthquake" effect to see if there are breaks in performance and instant lag. cause with the shaking ground is not easy to tell if its the effect itself or there is every 8 seconds a lag too like someone wrote before. i dont know if you understand i dont speak very good english. but for the perfomance issue i told you 58 fps stable and and smooth gameplay there's not reason to depressed. nice job


    i tested your builds (from the first page)

    the crosswalk build seems to run faster to me.

    thl t6s smartphone 4.4.2 android quad core 854 x 480 res mali 400mp2 (2core gpu) stable 57-60 fps

    pipo s1 tablet android 4.1 ( custom rom 4.2.2) rockchip 3066 dual core mali 400 mp4 (4core gpu) 800*480 res 52-72 fps

    the non crosswalk build in the smartphone is the same 52-60

    but in the tablet 15-34 fps (very laggy) i assume is the rockchip but its strange the game isnt so heavy from the assets point of view...cpu makes huge difference even when mali mp4 is more powerfull than mp2..

  • I've been testing my game on my HTC One M7 via the CocoonJS app launcher. It's going great. My prototypes were using quite a lot of physics objects and the FPS was around 40 to 50 with quite a lot of objects in 0 gravity.

    Currently however, I've stopped using the physics behavior and am now using the bullet behavior because it's better performance wise and all around easier to work with.

  • spy84 great , thank you very much for info, but i decided to use Cocoon.Io , it supports cordova plugins so we can export as cordova and it will compile to canvas+ oh yeahh

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