It's 2015, How's Your Game Performing on Phones?

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  • It's 2015, today's devices are faster and cheaper than ever, so much so that performance on HTML5 gaming has greatly improved since. An ASUS ZenFone 5 can be had for a very reasonable $150, and this has a power hungry, yet decent Atom processor. So how has your game performed on today's devices? So we can get an idea of how real C2 games perform on various devices, state your game's complexity and its performance on...

    2015 Highend Phones (Android 4.4x / Lollipop)

    Ex: LG G3

    2015 Midrange Phones (Android 4.2 and up)

    Ex: Samsung Galaxy Ace

    2014 Highend Phones (Android 4.4x and up)

    Ex: Samsung Galaxy S5

    2014 Midrange Phones (Android 4.x and up)

    Ex: ASUS ZenFone 4 or 5

    Shitty Android Phones (Android 2.x and up)

    Ex: Any Chinese or local-branded crap phone that has <= 1GB of RAM and MSM chip)

  • People are still attempting mobile games with HTML5 / C2? Huh.

  • i have alcatel 4015d , the crapiest phone ever made. My game has 173 events , animated sprites, some everytick events and such, i used xdk version 12 and i get 52 to 58 fps with croswalk and stable 58 using non crosswalk build.

  • Was the game designed for mobile ex32 ?

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  • yes the game was designed for android from the start, i can upload the apk and you can see how it performs on your devices.

  • A game designed to run on mobile, actually runs on mobile? Huh.

  • just answered his question?

  • I believe you, but an example would be nice for people who like to test.

  • Here is game with almost 200 events 12 event sheets and 13 levels, 2 game modes it is fast paced, I have used latest XDk 1912 , Crosswalk 12.40 admob plugin, media plugin. Turn off wifi to get rid of ads, On crappy alcatel i got 50-58fps

    PS: i am using particles as well , sine behaviour, rotate behaviour , solids, local storages every ticks, every seconds , and such and you can see fps in every level


    And here is Non Crosswalk build. For me its much faster


  • First: Simply, but funny game!

    OK, i have tested it on S2 Galaxy.... Startscreen with the green smoke: frame is heavy go down. But there is no framecounter in menu... I think its 10fps?

    Level 1: It switch from 30 to 58

    Level 2: The same. its going heavy down by the parts with the small plattformlines.

    The next i will check later! And next day with S3....

    Have you use physics on this game? When yes: How many Objects pro layout?

    But thanks to give a link that i can comparison it with my project. Its very useful!!!!!

    p.s.: Gameplay: Give a doublejumpinfo in game

  • Hi i will look at the menu Fps, but i dont think it is so bad. It might look like lag because of the smoke is playing slow. Admob is causing some fps drops while playing the game so i will remove it and put it somewhere else( Pause and such) , I am not using physics at all Thank you for posting your results , it is very helpful! The double jump info is in red in the first level i think?

  • Oh, ok. I am at work here and my concentration is often on other things

  • no problem at all, if you will try it on S3 , i will be happy to see the result

  • hmmm, at the last crosswalk-Updates the physics will run a bit better i mean..... Not perfect, but better! In the next days i will check this method(example):

    -Layout with invisible lines that tiles the layout in 2 parts

    -when you collide (actor) the first invisble line it will check the physics collision in "Screenpart one" on and "Screenpart Two" off

    -If collide line 2 make colliosioncheck in "Screenpart one" off and in "Screenpart Two" on.....

    Hmmm.... What a great workflow! *Ironie off*

  • OK, i have played the menu for longer time: I have all 5-10 Seconds a short massive slow framerate for a short time (under 1 Second). The Smokes stops and the Fire from the torch, too. But the game is definitv playable!

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