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  • Hello!

    I am a new user.. when I signed up i recall a suggestion to write an Introduction on the Introduction board.. now I can't find the board. So either I was dreaming or there is some work to do on the interface

    ANYWAY, I was making games in ClickTeams Games Factory when i was was a young teenager and it was great. I recently was able to recover some of my games from 12 years ago and got the urge to making games again..

    i browsed around for some coding library to build games in html5 and found this. Before actually starting the program i still had in the back of my head "to make games again will be like all your other wild ideas.. a fun idea, but in reality it is too much work and I am too lazy to make it happen..".

    Then I opened the program, learned the interface and tried out the features and made a protoype and OH MY GOD this software is 1000000x times easier, better and more powerful than I could ever imagine!! Thanks, you just added a big source of joy to my life!

    See you on the forums!

  • It's a thread these days..

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