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  • Hi everybody.

    I'm going to apply to a University that offers bacharel courses in digital games. They will ask for a portfolio with game concepts, art or programming work depending on the specialization you pursue.

    I believe I have dabbled with C2 enough to know how to make an interesting presentation of some game concepts with pictures, a bit of writing and maybe even a rude prototype. Now, I would love to see some examples! I searched for the word website and portfolio on the forum but there is only one post from 2011. I'm pretty sure by now the owner changed the code back since the website looks super simple.

    Care to help me find some examples of websites, portfolios or even photo galleries? Any recommendations, tips, stories and experiences on portfolios and applying for jobs or uni would also be received with the utmost interest! I will be listening.

    Thank you guys.

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  • I found this cute:

    Construct2 would be ideal to do something like it.

  • That is indeed cute. A bit unpractical but certainly catchy. Thanks for showing this.

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