Intel XDK CW16 - Framerate boost with Intel FPS counter on.

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  • I've been trying out the new Intel XDK update with CW16 and noticed an odd result where my game framerate improves when i enable the Intel FPS counter. I assumed that this would slow my game down but has had the opposite effect, to an extent where its running at 60 fps on old devices (whereas before it would be between 30-45fps).

    I've tried creating my own FPS counter with Construct 2 and it didn't give a performance boost, so it's got something to do with Intel's FPS counter.

    Does anyone know why the Intel FPS counter is giving such a boost? Has anyone else experienced this?

  • That sounds weird indeed. Are you sure the only difference is --show-fps-counter? Don't you add also --ignore-gpu-blacklist?

  • Maybe it's not telling the truth - can you add a text object fps indicator as well to compare them side by side?

  • Yes i did also add --ignore-gpu-blacklist, sorry forgot to mention that. I added the whole code from the following link into my intelxdk.config.additions.xml file, i didn't remove anything.

    https: / / com/en-us/forums/intel-xdk/topic/607958#comment-1861424 (remove spaces)

    Since i added the code, i've experienced the FPS boost.

    Colludium I will try that and get back with results. Thing is i can tell that the performance improves with the Intel FPS counter as it runs very smooth, as it should with 60fps. With a text FPS counter that i used before, there was noticable lag at 30-45fps. So i can tell without comparing side by side that the performance increases.

  • Ah, yes - text objects are more demanding to render, so it might be better to render the display using a sprite font instead.

  • But did you add --ignore-gpu-blacklist in both cases (with --show-fps-counter and without)? Or you added it only together with --show-fps-counter?

  • Yes I did add --ignore-gpu-blacklist in both cases, with and without the FPS counter. Framerate was at 60fps with the fps counter and 30-45 fps without fps counter.

    What I haven't tried is show-fps-counter without ignore-gpu-blacklist. I'll try that and see what results I get.

  • It's just not possible that something which consumes CPU (and fps counted consumes CPU) gives you a performance boost .

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  • My thoughts exactly, i was shocked to see that i was getting 60fps with the counter on, wasn't expecting it at all.

    I've tried --show-fps-counter without anything else, no gpu blacklist or anything (apart from show fps counter, the only other thing i have in my 'intelxdk.config.additions.xml' is <preference name="debuggable" value="false" />).

    I still get 60fps, so it definately has something to do with the Intel FPS counter. I should also mention that the along with the fps counter, it also shows the gpu raster is on.

    It's really odd, i can't be the only one who is getting these results. Maybe someone from Intel would have better insight into this as i have no idea whats causing the boost.

    For me now, the problem i face is how to get this performance boost without the FPS counter showing, as you don't want to release a game with the fps counter showing in the corner lol.

    Colludium I've tried with sprite fonts but still get around 45fps, not much difference from text object.

  • Just recompilled my game to test with --show-fps-counter, but I don't see any boost. It behaves normally, 60FPS most of the time and sometimes drops to 45 when there is really a lot of things going on.

  • Have no idea why i'm getting a boost then. Do you get 60fps without --show-fps-counter?

    Is there a way to enable/disable gpu raster? Would this have an affect on performance? I'm just wondering whether this is only turned on if the fps counter is enabled, as i don't know how to tell if the gpu raster is on or off without the fps counter.

  • Yes I have 60fps without as well.

    Here you have available Chromium options ... -switches/ which you can use in intelxdk.crosswalk.additions.xml.

    There are some regarding GPU rasterization. But I'm not an expert in this. Just try some of them.

    xmnboy do you know why such a weird thing happens in his case?

  • Thanks for the link, I'll have a look and try out some of them.

    I still haven't found a way to keep my performance boost without having the FPS counter, as i've no idea whats causing the boost. Would xmnboy or someone else from Intel help provide some information on this matter?

  • tomhaiger I'm in the same boat as you, I've actually got this boost as well and don't know whats causing it. I did create a post asking if anyone knew of this and how to keep the performance while hiding the FPS counter but didn't get an answer.

    I'm guessing this is quite rare, would love to know what's up with this as this performance increase is pretty good.

  • Have you guys posted a question on Intel XDK forum? They usually reply within 24 hours.

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