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  • I downloaded the latest stable today, and I tried to install it.

    After the window "Construct 2 appears to already be installed on this computer... Do you want uninstall the old version before continuing?" I choose "NO"

    Still C2 continue installation in my previous version folder (construct2_r229), without asking me to choose a new folder...

    So after install, i renamed the folder to construct2_r233 (latest stable)

    I tried to install the latest beta... and same thing... construct tries to install in folder construct2_r229 without asking me to choose a folder for install...

    Problem with registry?

    Any hints?

  • I ran into the same trap 5 years ago. I was used to software having multiple versions simultaneously on the same machine, and flip which version to use via an environment variable. I think C2 is not designed to work that way.

    You are supposed to have one install on one machine. For a rollback you remove it and reinstall the older version. So the option you mentioned won't ever ask for an alternative location, it's just to determine if you want a "clean" reinstall or not.

  • I always did that. I always kept one or a couple of previous stable version so as to rollback.... for like 2 years now.

    And every software you install ask you to choose a folder... everyone single of them! :O

  • Btw the same happened to a friend of mine... He replied "no" for uninstalling the previous version and the install continued to the current C2 folder. This doesn"t happen for C2_r227 if i want to install it..

    Maybe i should post it to the bug section?

  • if you cannot keep the previous version without the installer overriting it then I'd say it is a bug.

  • For a few releases now the installer has changed indeed, and you aren't asked anymore the path where to install C2 when you already have an install on.

    Anyway, it has always been recommended to uninstall the previous version when installing the new one, so keeping two releases is not considered a good practice anyway.

    Now my install workflow has changed to first uninstalling C2 and then installing the new release in order to have the prompt that asks what path to install it to.

  • [quote:tu7g7vuy]"recommended", "good practice"

    ... ok mate but I have to test the betas and the latest versions to check compatibility with my plugins, behaviors. And I have to test it fast.... I cannot just switch versions like that.

    So you're telling that I have to: unistall then reinstall C2...copy my plugins/behaviors, check if all is working and if not, re-uninstall the last version, reinstall the previous version I used, and copy again my plugins/behaviors instead of just install a new version and copy the plugins/behaviors?

    This is not a "workflow"..... this is a tsunami

  • Uninstalling C2 won't remove your custom plugins/behaviours from that folder, only the original C2 files and plugins/behaviours.

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  • Kyatric I don't agree, we should be able to at least have one stable and one beta separately, as it is better to share capx made with stable releases, but it is also important to test beta versions.

    I don't have that issue since I have both a steam (beta) and a normal license (stable), but everyone should be able to have both options without needing all this install uninstall stuff.

  • back to this....

    Today i was looking for a solution to an issue in my code, and there... there it is... a capx with something that might help.. let's download it and check the code...

    Oh wait i CAN'T open it, since it was made with C236 and I can't install this BETA version it without erasing my stable version...

    Is it preposterous only to me??

  • tdcostas it is not a perfect solution but this can help ... onstruct-2 (keep in mind a capx file is just a zipped project folder)

  • Thank you.. Yes I know the trick... But still :/

  • btw.. This work with a caproj type file. To do that with a capx you must rename the project.capx to project.rar so as to open it with winRar. Otherwise winRar won't open it. (at least on my pc)

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