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  • Hello everyone!

    I'd like to participate in this contest IndiePub-SXSW using Construct2 Engine. But I worried about this rule for the contest:

    Games may run on PC, Mac and/or web browsers. Games developed for PC or Mac must have an automated install or uninstall routine if installation is necessary to play the Game. Games played via web browsers must run in the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Firefox and may use the latest versions of the Flash, Java, Director, Unity or Virtools plug-ins, etc., if desired.

    What I want to know is: they don't say nothing about HTML5, but it will be a problem for me? Can i be disqualified because of this?

    Another point is I've been using the Construct2 with the Chrome Browser and most of people says that is the best browsers for HTML5 games. What is the differences (and problems) for developing to Firefox or Internet explorer?

    Thanks :D

  • They say etc, so it's probably fine. Why are you asking here, though? It's their contest, so if you want to be sure, you should ask them!

  • Yeah, you should ask them, we don't know what their rules are. However it sounds like they'd be fine with HTML5 and merely omitted to mention it in their list (there are a lot of web dev tools).

    Other browsers aren't as fast or don't have as good audio support as Chrome, but so long as you test your game on all three and see that it works alright, you should be fine.

  • Thanks for posting this! I think I'll enter the mobile game I've been working on (graphics not made by me, thankfully).

    As far as using C2 goes if it weren't for the tell tale branding at the bottom of the screen I don't see how they would even know as it generates HTML and JavaScript. Run in a browser by default means HTML5 is okay, especially since they allow plugins.

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  • Thanks for the answers. I asked here because I didn't know where to ask in IndiePub. I will search in their website and find some answer. if I have news I will post here.

  • Hello - this is PJ from indiePub. Your dev tool or engine does not matter. It more matters that we are able to play (and judge) the game.

    An HTML 5 game should be fine.

    You can also ask us questions via the indiePub web site, Facebook, Twitter or email us at contests[AT">indiepub[DOT">com.

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