inconsistent audio on mutltiple iOS devices

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  • Hi there,

    I'm wondering if this is just me, but i own an iPhone 4s, iPad2 and iPad mini..   and when I go to this site I get three different audio results!

    iPhone 4s.. no sound at all

    iPad2.. touch sound (lower speed/pitch than desktop)

    iPad Mini.. release sound

    I'm using Chrome on all 3. They all have iOS7 (up to date)

    Has anyone else experienced this?! I find it infuriating that such a simple project could have such inconsistent audio issues.

    I've been wrestling with exporting to cocoon and XDK all day with this simple a project and no mater hat i do, I get no sound and can't figure out why.

    We're even trying out some other wrapper solutions. All the while audio plays perfect on PC's all day long. Why does audio for mobile have to be so mystical and apparently non functioning?

    this is the capx

    the audio files came from the free bundle so i think the audio formats / sample rates should all be ok. i imported them at 128kbs.

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  • I ran into this with a publisher who bought one of my games. Eventually I fixed it by removing the sound files from the offline.appcache file that is created when exported. Just open it with a text editor.

  • also, try pre-loading the sfx on your first layout, having them preloaded solved some issues for me... but yeah, i agree. it feels very hacky when things dont just work. Is there another engine you can use other than web audio?

  • ok yea i'll try to preload and see how that goes. thanks for the tip/reminder :)

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