in-app purchase issue (iOS + cocoonjs)

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  • Hi to all,

    is already the second time that apple reject my game for the same reason!

    they try to buy "continue to the same level" iap (tap the buy button) and they write to me that does not work!

    Before to send my binary on itunes connect I tried my IAP on the sandbox enviroment (store sandbox enabled on Cocoonjs plugin) with my test apple account and all works I switch to store sandbox disabled, export to cocoonjs, compile the project and send the binary to

    itunes connect via xcode.....

    I waited a week before they reviwed my game and the response was "Rejected" for the same reason, they can't buy my in-app purchase!!!!

    At this point I do not know what to do....

    in test mode with test account all iap works fine on my iphone and ipad but when i disable the sandbox mode and send the app to apple for review this is regularly rejected!

    I ask if anyone has the same problems like me....

    I write for completeness that:

    • I have 2 in-App purchases (1 consumable and 1 unconsumable)
    • the first time I used the IAP plugin from construct 2 (and the iap works in test-mode but don't work for real purchase)
    • Now I used the CocoonJS plugin (the plugin that is integrated in construct 2, not the beta plugin opensource)
    • I set the store mode MANAGED
    • I set the store sandbox to DISABLED

    is there anyone who has managed to put its application on the apple store with the iap working?

    thank's in advance

  • I dont think non-consumable works because restore purchase doesn't work last i checked.

    So IAP to permanently unlock level or bonus, cannot be restored if users uninstall ur app and reinstall.

    Wish i could help more but my game is also recently submitted & under review.

  • thanks but my problem is that my game was two time rejected for the same reason.... my IAP don't work! (the apple's person that controls my game says that tapping on buy button nothing happens!)

    but when I test my IAP on my iphone (in sandboxmode enabled) all works fine.....

    you have a consumable IAP that work?

    your game was approved on the apple store?

  • Here the answer of ludei team:

    "You can double check if the xcode project that you use to generate the ipa has the sandbox mode disabled. Maybe you'd try to open the project (right-click on the xcodeproj file and select "Show package contents". Head to the folder appData/game and double check that the code has the proper flag set"

    there is a button or procedure in xcode to disable the sandbox mode???

    I only know that on the setting of the cocoonjs plugin in construct2 program I can disable this true?

  • Have you tried and tested it for android as well?

    I recently got rejected from Apple for the same reason. I'm hoping after seeing the same build work in google play that it will also work for Apple. I'll let you know how it goes.

  • No I only send the game to the apple store....

    Now are 2 days that I send the binary to the apple store for reviewing...I also will write here if my app pass the check and will be approved.

    how do you set the setting of cocoonjs plugin in construct2?

    I set the store mode MANAGED

    and I set the store sandbox to DISABLED

    and you?

    you had used the cocoonjs object in your construct2 game? or you used the cocoonjs opensource plugin?

  • So the cocoonjs settings are set to store mode MANAGED and store sandbox to DISABLED. I am now using the opensource plugin (before it was the other when it was rejected).

    Something to be careful of when updating the plugin is that your events get switched to different ones. So just recheck them to be sure.

  • Just heard back from Apple and I have been rejected again...

    "We found that your app exhibited one or more bugs, when reviewed on iPad running iOS 7.1.2 and iPhone 5s running iOS 7.1.2, on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, which is not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

    Specifically, we found that when we tapped on the upgrade button that it has no action. Please see the attached screenshot for more information."

    Looks like there maybe an issue here...

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  • Same result here. The reviewers of Apple can't buy IAP content with sandbox mode disabled.

    -C2 r176

    -CocoonJS 2.0.2

    -Ludei Open Source Plugin

    -Sandbox environment worked well with test ID

    Rejected twice and wasted 2 weeks.

    I tried to follow Ludei's way but can't find anything about sandbox flag in appData/game.......

    Seems need further Ludei official help.........

  • ludei can we get some information on what to do next?

  • OK its probably a Ludei issue.....

    and its probably a issue of ludei server that don't manage IAP, infact I found a discussion on the ludei dev portal that I link here: ... cale=en-us

    and this is the part that I think is interesting:

    "second - I fixed the purchasing process (by a workarround)

    This might help others:

    You do NOT want to use „managed“ mode! Just implement the onProductPurchaseVerificationRequestReceived, take the productId and store it somewhere on your own with localstorage (implement some security, so that the storage cannot be manipulated).

    That will save you a lot of troubles!


    There are server errors on the ludei backend

    You won’t get restorePurchases to work properly, because you will not receive a proper purchase item

    I cannot post more infos right now - this is too complex to write."

    At this point I think we should try to set Store Modo UNMANAGED...

    but I do not know how to follow the steps described above....

  • I have also continued the thread on ludei website -> ... nstruct-2-

    I would appreciate an answer from Ludei as soon as possible.

  • Hi Mat,

    where did you find the var

    "var isTestMode = false;" ?

    in the file c2runtime.js that create construct2 when export the game?

  • Here another interesting discussion about IAP on the Ludei Dev Portal: ... cale=en-us

    seems that IAP Store Mode MANAGED not working

    and this is the part that I think is interesting:

    "Our app has been finally accepted by Apple, because we switched mode to 'unmanaged' and wrote our own implementation of receipt validation. Managed mode still does not work.

    I treat this solution as a workaround and we'd rather use managed mode if only it worked properly."

    Now I ask.... there is someone that know how to do to make a working IAP with UNMANAGED mode?

  • Wow... what a ball ache...yni@Ludei should really get on top of this asap. As this probably impacting all of their iOS users.

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