in-app purchase issue (iOS + cocoonjs)

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  • I doubt anybody has got unmanaged mode working for C2 => ... -purchases

  • ludei any news?

  • I doubt anybody has got unmanaged mode working for C2 => ... -purchases

    It's very strange. I tested unmanaged mode today and I can't finish purchase progress in sandbox.

    The Sandbox showed success message but CocoonJS plugin can't get complete signal in return.

    If Ludei's CocoonJS plugin(opensource) can switch storemode from managed to unmanaged,

    It means unmanaged mode is also a valid way to submit an app, right?

    I also posted the question to Ludei's Github:

    Correct me if I post anything wrong, I am not sure if unmanaged mode really can't work.

  • gonzdevour Yes, your logic is reasonable. I have actually never seen any documentation on how to achieve it in unmanaged mode. So if anybody has any. Please post it here.

  • gonzdevour and TheWyrm

    you know the difference between the two action of cocoonjs plugin "on purchase completed" and "Is product purchased"?

    has someone tried to test the game in "unmanaged" mode, sandbox mode enabled, and change the events with the action "is product purchased"?

  • mollaq

    "on purchase completed" is fired after somebody has bought your app. At this point you may want to store what they bought in game i.e. I have an upgrade to full game IAP. This means I store a bool so the game knows to use the full version features.

    "Is product purchased" is check that you can do to find out if the player has ever bought your IAP. So an example where you want to use this is to make sure the people who installed, bought the IAP, uninstalled, then re-install would still recognize the IAP. HOWEVER, this has been reported to be broken as well =>

  • I honestly dont know how they simply don't test their own product.

    The responses are ridiculous "we can only test in sandbox mode".. really? They can't publish an actual demo app on the App Store with sandbox disabled to test a real IAP transaction??

  • I'm not defending them or anything, but what they are saying is it is complicated to test because they literally have to publish the app to Apple for them to tell them there is an issue. That is on average a 6 day turn around at the moment. However, the lack of communication about what they are doing to investigate the issue is what I find the most frustrating.

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  • Thank's TheWyrm now I Know the difference.

    Infact I does a try, changing a little bit of my construct2 event, and I compiled my game in sandbox mode enabled, sending to Ludei cloud compiler and test my game with xcode 6 beta 5 on my real device.....

    all IAP works perfectly also restore purchase button work great....

    but the most frustrating for me is there isn't control when I disable the sandbox mode and send to the Apple for approval....

    they reject puntually the game with the generic answer "the IAP don't work".....but what??? how can I try to correct an issue if I can't try to reproduce the error and I can't try to simulate a real transaction with my game???

    They say (Apple team) that if IAP works in sandbox environment then it works also in real purchase...... but in reality it is not so!!!!

    and then what should we do?

  • 1 News:

    KLAUS answer to my question on LUDEI support portal, He is a ludei's user that few months ago had the same problem and He solved that IAP problem.

    here's the answer:

    ""As I wrote before: do not use managed mode! Try it simple. And store any verified purchase by yourself.

    CocoonJS.Store.onProductPurchaseVerificationRequestReceived.addEventListener(function (productId, data) {

    // only use productId, ignore data

    // will be called during purchase and during restore


    You will not need onProductPurchaseCompleted, since it is only called in managed mode.

    maybe that helps""

    if you want to get in the discussion follow this link: ... cale=en-us

    Maybe He can help us.

  • It doesn't look like the same problem to me. He reports his issue is on Android not apple. As I said I have it working perfectly for both Google Play and Amazon.

    However, if we could get unmanaged working it would at least be an option. So what is KLAUS suggesting? changing the cocoonjs plugin?

  • "The setting of Managed vs. unmanaged means that ludeis cloud thing will take care of some of it for you.

    Warning if you set it to unmanaged the Purchase completed event will not be triggered." ~

    So basically by setting it as unmanaged you risk the possibility that people could buy your app without actually paying for it. Unless you build your own authentication processes which is probably what clause did in something other than C2.

  • I've never had problems with IAPs on Android. There are a few occasions where Ludei's servers were briefly down, when Ads did not serve and IAPs didn't register, but otherwise its ok.

    Apple has been reviewing my app for over 2 weeks now. No response yet.

  • ludei Any news?

  • Not had any reply from Ludei about any kind of update. Just trying now through the social networks. Perhaps someone has gone on holiday?

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