What you get when ignoring Construct 2

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  • Found this open letter of a well known game studio that started out as a very small indie project. An open letter to our PC fans

    After reading about the difficulties and the time needed, all I thought of was: "Never heard of Construct 2"? Seriously, until today I didn't find anything in the series that they couldn't have realized with C2. Minus their issues.

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  • Such a sad thing to see, Reading this has made me feel 100 times better about making the switch from Gamemaker to Construct 2!

    So much time has been saved since i started using this engine! tulamide thanks for posting this, Maybe some of the new users or some of the people that are still trying to make the decision weather to buy Construct 2 or not will see this post and realize why this is the best choice hands down!

  • Dear god, what a nightmare. Makes C2 export problems sound like a walk in the park.

  • Yeah, been there, done that and got the t-shirt

  • I find the comments section funny. Some people just don't get it...

  • Kinda wanta say gimme a couple months, all the assets, c2, and you can have a pc version.

    Plus a fair amount of money for moi obviously.

  • To be fair it's not about money. It's about wanting to do something fresh by the looks of things. I'm sure when the chips are down they will do a pc version.

    Also at the time they were developing C2 was not really an option. Although it does sound like they have made their lives harder as you can do multiple platforms in flash using Adobe Air.

  • well, in case of C2 this message could look like:

    "We would like to release our game on PC, however our game jitters even on computers playing FarCry 4 1080p 60 fps. So we have to wait just a few months for better Node-Webkit."

  • well, in case of C2 this message could look like:

    "We would like to release our game on PC, however our game jitters even on computers playing FarCry 4 1080p 60 fps. So we have to wait just a few months for better Node-Webkit."

    It's not that bad. But it does require you to troubleshoot, use an older Node-Webkit (and seriously where the hell is the basic option to include icon files & instead of defaulting to the generic NW icon?!) that works etc.

    I've never been more happy with C2 than in recent times. With top performance on iOS, decent performance & features on Android and still great performance on PC/MAC... Sadly, Linux is still broken though! But at least NW guys are aware and hopefully they will fix the dependency on the outdated libaries.

    But that letter itself, they should have gone onboard with Unity since it can export to all platforms. Sure its expensive, but they are a big studio with millions of $ in revenue, they can afford it. I mean its just silly to keep each platform on a different code base when there's clearly functional options.

    Look at Hearthstone from Blizzard. Built with Unity. On PC/MAC, iOS & Android.

  • I'm just working on simple platformer with 5 layers and not more than 200-300 objects per level (+ tilemap). And in Chrome it's jittering. On the newest IE it works better but seams are visible on tilemap. And Node-Webkit - you know the story

    Fortunely I want to release my game only on mobiles, and it works smooth with CocoonJS. And maybe later I will release it on iOS, but when webstorage issue will be fixed.

    anyway: congratulations for Steam Greenlight

  • szymek

  • TiAm

    as far as I know even in older Node-Webkit version there is issue of small jitter every a few seconds,

    am I right?

  • szymek Nope, it works fine for me in r185. I never had NW jitters, but again I don't always update to the latest C2 build unless I know its safe to do so.

    It did jitter in Chrome preview, but that was resolved via the latest Chrome update.

  • in my case I see that 'platformer' behavior of enemies isn't 100% smooth and game can jerk, but I agree that old NW is working much better than Chrome

    now I just found this post made by Chris:

    "We also made a batch file to launch the game with node-webkit commands, this is clearly helping the frame rate:

    --disable-threaded-compositing --ignore-gpu-blacklist --enable-zero-copy --disable-application-cache"

  • szymek Sorry for this dumb question, but I'm not very familiar with commands.

    Can it be transparent for the player, so he just run the game by clicking on the .exe file and the game launches with these arguments?

    How would you make this?

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