What you get when ignoring Construct 2

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  • Aurel

    player should click .bat file with commands in it


    you can create file start.bat

    and put inside:

    Echo OFF

    GameExportedWithNodeWebkit.exe --disable-threaded-compositing --ignore-gpu-blacklist --enable-zero-copy --disable-application-cache

    (I used NW only on preview, so above .exe name is just an example)

  • Works like a charm, thanks a lot! : )

    Now let's see if Steam can launch the game using this .bat and not the exe file, should be ok.

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  • it can also be a simple shortcut I think szymek , which may be easier for the player (like the start menu shortcut or the desktop shortcut would launch with those arguments)


    or maybe you can change the configuration file of node webkit to force those on, not sure I remember how to do it, but it is doable normally

  • That shouldn't be necessary, the .bat is working pretty well. You can configure your app in Steamworks so it launches any file first.

    I switched from the .exe to the .bat and it runs fine : )

    Hopefully this will improve the perfs on the few computers which had troubles to use the GPU correctly.

    (oh, and sorry for the thread hijack, I just realised it was focused on Ironhide at start)

  • I've mentioned this before but you should definitely get rid of those custom command line parameters as soon as you can - hopefully in the next version of node-webkit, which should fix the vsync issues. The Chrome team are aiming to only support one set of rendering features like threaded compositing mode and modes like "zero copy" are experimental (they are usually not enabled by default for a good reason). So these may have other bugs, crashes or issues for certain users and the Chrome team won't fix them because you're not supposed to be using them.

  • Thanks for the reminder, ASHLEY. I'll get rid of this with the next working nw version.

    The only parameter I'd like to keep is "--ignore-gpu-blacklist" for the final release, does that sound ok to you, or should we get rid of this also for the same reasons?

  • I can see the exhaustion from the developers point of view here, and i do not think that C2 would solve the issues. Surely they could possibly do it much faster, but they would likely run into other problems with people having problem with either this or that version of the game since there is no native export for neither platforms. They also have less debugging control and more limited workflow, especially if there is more than one programmer. For a "big" indie team i do not think C2 works that well.

    Also i love Construct but C2 is so dependant on open source export libraries and the node-webkit wrapper for PC, MAC and Linux, which means one can get stuck with various problems and experience performance issues which could be caused by the exportation method, likewise if you would like some feature added, you either would have to wait (if enough wants it) or write your own plugin.

  • What would go a long way towards solving the issues with node-webkit would be to maintain support for the last 2~3 versions so that developers would have options at export when/if something breaks.

    Take the current situation with node: v0.11 inherited terrible frametime consistency (janking, jerking, whatever you want to call it) from chromium v38. Now, rolling back to the previous version (0.10.5) fixes this. All is well and good, right? Not exactly...

    The problem is this: if some change to C2 breaks compatibility with the older node-webkit, Ashley isn't likely to fix it ('update to the newest version of node, we don't support that version'). This leaves us SOL until a new node rolls around that works better. Or, we have to stay on an old version of C2.

    Ultimately, unless you are literally coding your game from the ground up, you have to place faith in something: an engine, a set of libraries, etc. No choice will be without problems.

    Likewise, if you are aiming at multi-plat developement, some platforms are going to be much more problematic than others (Linux, Android).

    But for C2, I don't see any reason not to maintain some level of backwards compatibility for node-webkit. After all, it is our ONLY desktop export option.

  • For the main subject, if they coded everything from the ground up each time, it shows that they did not even think ahead on what they wanted to do, as sad as it is, a bad organisation, a lack of thinking ahead, and not optimising your worktime just leads to that.

    EDIT:removed a good chunck of off-topicness in my post.

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