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    Hello guys,

    I've been thinking a lot since i am not busy ..

    Why not make a competition about C2 games?

    It will be good for Construct 2 and it's community. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    It's still an idea and i would like to hear some ideas and feedback.

    More info :

    Starts every : 1 week (Or more)

    Time allowed to make your game : 2 days (Or more)

    Themes : Survival Horror, War, Scrolling shooter, Suggest yours <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Judges :

    • Hadzy Hayman (elafreat)
    • Patrick Griffiths (Patriick)

    I'm looking for judges.

    Opened for suggestions and feedback.


    Hadzy Hayman

  • Hi!

    I think it would be really great to encourage new or experienced C2 users to be more productive, or to train new skills, for example as a beginner, I was thinking of starting that habit of creating a game every week at least, in addition to continuing to work on my main project. And I think that a community activity can be really very cool.

    Only thing I hope is that there are some developers who can have the time (or rather the purpose) to participate, good luck with this compeititon idea : )

  • I was actually thinking of this a few weeks ago as well. Lots of sites have those game dev challenges where they throw out a topic and you make a game in a week or whatever.

    Would be really cool to do. Ashley, what do you think?

  • Tulamide has already an event going on like that. It's wonderfully presented and really thought-provoking. See below:

  • If Scirra were to run a C2 game jam, I would definitely participate.

  • I'm there like a bear.

    Personally, I'd prefer something focussed more on prototypes and mini-games, since I don't really have time to build full games on the side right now. I'm thinking one or two weeks at the most, and maybe every month or every second month (judging these things takes ages).

    Tulamide's compo looks cool, but I didn't notice it because I rarely browse Open Topic. It's a great start, though.

  • Tula's blossom looks cool. But the idea of a every 2 week "compition" would be a good idea. However you can ask Tom and Ash for some extra benefits. For example the winner could be show cased on the front page and facebooked. maybe a badge too.

    however. I think there should be a limit of 100 events and no more than 4 layers in a layout. and gameplay should be judged more than aesthetic or graphical appeal.

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  • Windwalker, I just took a look at Tulamide's event theme, looks very interesting, yet it doesn't inspire me to participate, I'd highly prefer a competition that is completely free from any imposed theme, or where the theme is so general that it guarantees a very wide space for freedom (unless it really clicks with me or stuff I'm fan about) :)

  • Well .. It's nice to see some good comments in such a small time.

    I can see that a lot of people will be happy to join this competition.

    Windwalker I just saw that topic .. But i don't guess it's similar to this competition.

    GeometriX Well .. It's still being planned .. Mini-games will be great idea.

    jayderyu It's up to Tom and Ashley and what they think about it, I liked the limit idea .. So people without licenses can join and other people don't have more benefits. Game play is the most important thing, then comes the graphics and theme and other things.

    KFII I agree with you since the other event limits your ideas.

    EDIT : It'll be great if Ashley or Tom made a sub-forum about this.

    Looking forward for more ideas and suggestions.


    Hadzy Hayman

  • The idea of a competition around Scirra and its products was also what has driven me. And I wanted it to be less restrictive than others. The result was 'A blossom tale'.

    Of course I also tried to bring Scirra into the boat by contributing something like a badge etc.

    But Ashley had a convincing argument which was that it's in Scirra's best interest to try and treat all forum users equally. So unless Scirra itself will organize a competition there will be no benefits related to Scirra and it has to be held in 'open topic' to show that it's not from Scirra.

    But, as you can see by my blossom event, I'm very much a fan of the idea of a "Scirra Jam".

    I just thought, instead of talking about I actually start it as an experiment to see if it's pounced. Does it always have to be something official?

  • tulamide I'm hosting it .. If Scirra doesn't ... There's no site, There's no name for the competition .. But i wanted to see other people's suggestions ..

    If Scirra doesn't host it on their site i will host it on a free weebly domain or i will find something out ...

    And i will Make badges and stuff if i can ...

    It doesn't have to be official but if it was in Scirra's site it will gain more attention ...

  • I think the point of the themes is to keep people from posting their old stuff claiming it was created in the time frame. You'll lose participants if they think their 3 day game has to compete with 3 week games.

  • I'm up for a homemade ludumdare , we don't need a site , just make a post , suggest a theme and a timelimit , and we are off...

  • Well .. It's good to have themes ..

    Here's the post .. I was asking you guys for few things before starting ...

    Like :

    Themes : Suggest yours

    Other things you can choose the best thing from so in the more info part write the same things but change what you don't want like this :

    Starts every : 1 week

    Time allowed to make your mini-game : 2 days

    Themes : Suggest yours

    And that's my decision .. What's yours?

  • A weekly competition is going to be a pain to manage and judge, even if you make it a matter of public voting. I'd strongly suggest doing it every second week at the most.

    In terms of themes, I've found the ones that work well are vague enough to be bent into shape, yet simple enough to be inspiring for many people (like "repetition", "invasion", "containers", or "town"). Either that, or implement interesting mechanical constraints (like "two buttons only" or "no solid objects") and let people decide the themes for themselves.

    PS: Idea generators like Gigster are a great place to start.

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