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  • Well .. Why not? Let's make it every two weeks.

    Thanks ^^ I'm trying Gigster right now.

    Still looking for more suggestions.

  • I think it would be a great idea to have mechanics as the focus. Say, try to make the best experience/levelling system or best RTS controls.

    I say this because people here could really benefit from seeing how everyone goes about things. Since the competition would be for people only using C2, everyone could understand each other's work and really learn some stuff. It could also help form some standards for C2 use.

    I think this way is just much better, as there are many game comps already and a few days to a week isn't enough to make a truly impressive game. But is enough to make a sleek, efficient mechanic with a basic example.

  • Hello guys .. Wanted to say i have made a voting topic which can be found in the Open Forum Or go from HERE

    Anyway ... PLEASE comment as the example.

    I said this for : KFII ArcadEd zatyka GeometriX jayderyu Whiteclaws Tobye since they were interested .. Other people who replied to this topic and wasn't interested can still vote but i didn't tag them.

  • If you wanted a site, just use facebook. no need to go overboard with an entire front side.

  • I made a Facebook page, Please like : Here

  • I really enjoy participating in game jams, and as I said in my previous post, I'd almost definitely participate if Scirra were to run it, but I'll probably pass on this based on how it's is shaping up. There are 2 main reasons why.

    Game Limitations

    I think the drawbacks far outweigh the benefits of limiting the events and layers. I understand that this is meant to even the playing field so that participants with a paid C2 license don't have an advantage, but is severely limits the complexity of a game. Also, I'm guessing it will pigeonhole participants into using behaviors. For example, with a 100 event limit, you could make a decent platformer because there are behaviors that replace having to use events, but you'd have a hard time creating a point and click adventure game, or really any game that doesn't have corresponding behaviors that do a lot of the work for you.

    The Judging

    I'm not a fan of the entries being judged by a handful of arbitrarily selected people. I don't mean this to be a jab at you or the judges you select, but with so few judges, the results will be weighted towards their personal preference as to what constitutes a "good" game. I think letting the participants rate the submissions is a far better idea.

    I'm hoping that Scirra puts together a C2 game jam at some point. I'm sure they come up with a very well thought-out method to running the event. A lot of the submission and voting could probably be handled through the sexy new arcade. I'm guessing there would be a good number of participants, especially if they made a blog post and/or pinned topic in the forum.

    That's my 2 cents anyway. Best of luck running the event, and to all the participants. I look forward to seeing the end results!

  • zatyka Well .. If the all the participants have license I'll remove the limitations (Which i prefer).. It's not a decision yet.

    Judging ... Not a final decision yet .. It's either me and Patrick and 3 other good Construct users, or let the participants vote .. That's why i made the other topic .. I'll add way of judging to it.

  • Hm I could imagine that each month or halve year, depending on its popularity there could be a small game making contest. You should make a special page to promote it big, not just a simple forum post. I could imagine a brand type of video also explaining the basics of the contest.

    Something like this

    Subscribe to Construct videos now

    The winner gets eather in text or video a review of the game and perhaps 3 times winners could get a license. One importand limit id suggest is that atleast 10 participate in the contest.

    This could help feature more games made in construct2

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  • Thanks for the good comment Miu3 I'll probably think of that.

  • zatyka and others .. Game limitations will be REMOVED if the voting was successful in the question "Do you have a license" If most of the people voted "Yes" All limitations will be removed same for the judging.

    Take a moment and vote here (Min. 10 votes before starting JAM) : HERE

  • I'm not a huge fan of limits also. If people have the free version and want to compete, awesome. Don't limit those of us that do have the full version. I mean, does it mean I can't use families either, since those are not in the free version?

  • Well .. It's up to the voting on the Jam's page.

  • how about making a temporally license that acts like full license but has a deadline till the end of the contest? That could also attract interest for ppl to check out the contest and try out limited features. This all offcorse depends on if Ashley can do it.

    I could imagine that this type of license allows exporting only files for the contest or has a logo on the game.

    Also for the voting part where its:

    Voting method :

    -Participants judge the submitted game

    -Judges judge the submitted game

    I would be for judges but be aware of many unpleasing responds of those who wont like the result

  • Miu3 Well .. Still depends on Ashley (May have a watermark)...

    Well .. I guess people will choose "-Participants judge the submitted game."

    But anyway it's up to the voters.

  • Okay guys, The voting is over.. Results can be found : HERE

    There's another voting but it was up to the first one ..

    Since "Judges judge the submitted games" gained 6/10 votes there's a voting for three more judges. Go HERE for more info.

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