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  • I hate to pose these questions on the community because I know how much we all love construct.

    Today I made a build of our game in Construct and in Stencyl. When testing on the iphone, using stencyl the performance was good with the Apple developer account. On Construct I used the HTML 5 LAN technique and it sucked... not even remotely playable. At this time, do I make the game in Stencyl :(. Or risk making in Construct, hoping the exporters will be good enough in the new release to fix this. I wouldn't mind if this were a hobby but I am a 27 year old with a similarly aged artist who is relying on this to sell at least a bit to be our lively hood (who has twins coming)!

    If anyone has any advice, please give your opinion.

  • LAN preview is pretty much useless. It's a quick way to see your game "running" on a mobile device but that's about it.

    If you want your C2 game on mobile devices you should look into CocoonJS. That's where it's at :)

  • Use appMobi, there are simulators on different mobile devices

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  • Note than even with CocoonJS , performance on Stencyl could be better. Since in Stencyl case their exporter is specifically optimized for the engine , and also their native runtime could be faster than Cocoon's. Test your game with Cocoon and Stencyl and see what performs better. Only way to know. If your game is very demanding even Cocoon will not save you i fear. I too worry when i see how Stencyl is going, specifically their exporting options. But it's prices are much higher than C2 and i still very much prefer C2 workflow. But Stencyl provides much better exporting options. I fear we're never get enough from HTML5. Only time will tell. Though i fear i don't have time. :( Even then i have better hopes with recent HTML5 working teams split. Maybe now things will move.

  • Yeah, it's a little early to be doing commercial/important games on HTML5, in my opinion. But I'm hoping that by 2013 things will be a lot better.

  • Yeah, I am building the game in both engines. Hopefully I will have some good feedback for the community. If the game runs well enough I will use it on the commercial iPhone build. Feel like a Guinea Pig lol!

  • That is indeed a question for my team too. We'd like to make games that will possibly profit. I like C2 better than Stencyl, but it will be seen witch one is better (I believe GameMaker is out of the question).

    It would be nice to have some feedback from the Scirra Team on this matter.

  • I think Scirra are taking a holiday, so I'd give them a bit of time.

    I believe in HTML5! It's becoming adopted very, very quickly.

  • agree..new features are great but unless we can begin exporting viably to apple, google and windows marketplaces then the whole platform becomes questionable. I love construct but its currently relying very heavily on external parties ability to take HTML5 to the masses. Construct is great for making games for fun but having the ability for developers to get their creations into the market places of apple, goggle and windows is a must - right now performance is miles off. I really want Construct to succeed and believe this must be a key focus.

  • Just a reminder. Tutorials like this one clearly states that appstores are far from the only place to sell games.

    Scirra already provides informations on the market/monetizing of games through articles like in this article from their blog.

    It's one thing to expect features, but don't be passive and use the numerous informations provided on the website.

  • It's all well and good making a grand or two from an html 5 game but thats not a living Kyatric

  • It's pretty much the same as selling phone games in saturated app stores.

    Actually, I tend to believe it's even better as there possibly could be more opportunities then in app stores.

  • Thanks for the useful links Kyatric. However, for me there is no point if you cant get into the mobile marketplaces. I doubt that my games are ever going to be purchased by publishers... but in marketplaces with millions and millions of people there's a good chance enough people will purchase it for me to make some money. If the apple store has shown me anything it is that simple ideas can become popular. Being able to turn construct 2 games into marketplace apps (that work) is not a nice to have, its a must IMO.

  • slw666 I think you should first map on paper what are the things your game requires. Start with the most important features and then go down to the least important.

    Examples like...

    1. Fun

    2. Smooth

    3. Leaderboards

    4. makes lots of money

    5. works well on iOS devices(target platform)

    6. Good music

    7. Perfect graphics

    8. replay value

    9. 9001 levels

    10. Better than Angry Birds


    After this you can rate each from 0-10 according to your own skills/abilities on Stencyl/Construct.

    I think this is what most people do when they plan their career paths or schools.

  • We've announced that r100 will support exporting to iOS and Android via appMobi directCanvas and Ludei's CocoonJS - and both are currently available in experimental form in the current beta release. Have you tried them? They should bring native-like performance to your games. We do not currently recommend using the device browser or PhoneGap on mobile for the time being, because performance is usually poor (except Safari on iOS 5+ is actually pretty good, although PhoneGap makes it slow again), so those two options are the only ones you should consider for the time being. Considering we've also spent a lot of time optimising our engine, I think it will be highly competitive with native engines.

    We already support exporting to Windows 8 Metro apps as well, has anyone tried it? This means we will be ready as soon as Windows 8 tablet and phone devices start shipping, and when Windows 8 for desktop is released too.

    Apart from that, I'm not really reading any specific concerns in this thread. If anyone can point out any specific issues where they feel Construct 2 is falling behind, let me know and I can address them. I'm sure in the near future Construct 2 will be a great way to make mobile games so hopefully describing some of our future plans will help put some of the worry to rest.

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