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  • I think my only specific concern is; is it a good idea to design a game in Construct for mobile devices yet?

    I have just ordered the Apple Developer account too, will r100 make it easy to test on iOS? This is really the only area I can see Stencyl is ahead at the moment as you can directly test on the device from the program. I know you can test using LAN but performance is unplayable at retina resolution and you can't test full screen (meaning touch controls often have to be moved to a different position, which makes it hard to get a feel for the game).

    I'm mega excited about r100!!! (no pressure guys lol :)

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  • Cool, didn't realise the Beta Construct had a direct Cocoon export! Not sure how long the Apple Developer account takes to set up but I will report back once it is. I'll be testing on an iPhone 3gs and 4. If the performance is good and it is stable then I am sure that will completely give anyone wanting to work on mobile platforms peace of mind :).

    One thing, does anyone know if the game should be made at retina resolution and then will CocoonJS resize it for none retina screens?

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