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  • Iam not native english speaker so... sorry if i do somes mistakes

    First Hello to all !

    Iam very very excited by construct2 dream become really

    But as a new commer and with 0 experience in game making (in pratice, i have somes theory) i have some basics questions sorry if i waste your time but i dont find enought tuto atm

    1- How do i make animation persist till i keep pressing a key ? i have find how to play animation when pressing a direction but i want my charactere walking along the way.

    2- how do i make hit box etc for collision ?

    3-I dont understand how to make for exemple some spell for a character...

    Iam sure thoses questions are 100% stupid <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> but hey i really want to improve myself cause i have always wanted make some stupid funny game

    in any case ty and HF guys

    EDIT : lol at the auto-avatar (i dont know where he come from but really i dont like that)

  • Just a quick comment, your avatar is from Gravatar, see for more information and how to change it!

  • huhu forgot i had a account on gravatar... registered on so many site :-/

  • Have you gone through the beginner's guide? It might not directly answer your questions, but it should give you a good idea of how things generally work.

  • Yeah now i did.

    Great tut really seems so simple <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    But i had some free time today and tried to just have my character keep animate in walking (repeat 4 frame until i release the direction key) but never succeful

    event : on key down --> player set animation

    sometime he dont play the animation at all or i need to press the opposite direction (that make me loosing all the logic (the little) i can have about construct)

    but the key down event seems to not include the fonction repeat until release

    i have a stupid solution but iam sure you can do it pretty simple

    make a very long animation of walking and then stop him with

    use boolean condition when player moving=false

    my first projet in the way of learning constructV2 is to make a platform game and i realised that platform behavior have a propriety of jump so is there a default action for jump ? cause the only way i find to jump was to make set position of player : player.Y-100

    i a? really confused and sorry if its very basick knowledge of game making but i lack in solution <img src="smileys/smiley7.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    if you have a link to share for a projet that i can look for learning purpose that would be great.

    In any case ty

  • jump = shift key.

    U can not change this binding with r49-.

  • u have no idea for walking animation or u just don't want to say to me the solution ?

    That's cruelle


    but ty for the information about jump i only tried the logical(my) key : space

  • Is it what you need???

  • ... iam blind shame on me...


  • Is it normal that when i use the "scroll to" Behavior on my charactere then when i test the game the sprite is not visible and he fall across background (who is solid)

    And i tried to export "my game" but always get error. Maybe i miss the basics of doing it

    Iam not smart enought for Construct2 think i will wate some Tuto comes out about everything.

  • how did you make the background solid?

  • Ahaha i agree thats the concept is... stupid

    But i used tiled backgroud to make the floor and it work till i used the "scroll to behavior"

    I had understand tiled background as element of the decor... should i use only "sprite" for that ?

  • yes, i guess only sprites can be "blocked" with r49-. I dont see a way to make a tiled background solid, which would also make no sense at all.

    U need minimum 2 layers. 1 to get a background, and 1 for solid elements and the player.

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  • You can make tiled backgrounds solid by adding the solid behavior - but you usually don't want to do that in top-down games (like the ghost shooter tutorial) - solid means you can't move on top of it!

    You don't have to have two layers either, it's just useful for organising your objects (so you can lock the background, for example).

    Noesis: you need to tell us what the error messages are, otherwise it's impossible to help. Also, it makes it much easier for us to help you if you share your .capx file. Then we can see what you've actually done. Otherwise we're left guessing!

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