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  • Hi all, im having trouble with my HUD, i've got a sprite heartthat im using as a life. I've set to position 100,100 on a layer called "hud" which is on top layer and the heart is set as visible. If i set the parallax scolling to 0,0 it does not show up in the game preview but if i set it to say 100,100 then it does. i do not want it to scroll so it needs to be set at parallax 0,0, the map is 4000x4000px.

    how do i get it to display at a given position? the hud up tutorial only for a set screen.

    any help would be appreciated


  • 0,0 should do it. Maybe post your capx.

  • i've tried 0,0 which is what i want but it makes the object disappear but if parallax is anything but 0,0 it displays then but then its scrolls?

    what site would you recommend for uploading my capx?

  • dropbox is the usual site for posting capx files. You may also want to try the anchor property/behavior to pin the heart to the corner in your HUD layer...

    Also, make sure the heart is actually on the HUD layer and didn't accidently get put on another layer.

  • Most people use Dropbox.

  • Dispite the help im still unable to resolve my problem, cant post link due to rep not hight enough. Could my problem be a bug?


    You might want to try selecting the layer and enabling parallax in editor. If that doesn't work for any layers you set the parallax to (0,0) then it's hard to say without a capx.

  • You can still post a link as plain text.

    I'd say to make sure that the object is on the correct layer and that it's within the dotted lines in the top-left corner of the layout.

  • The object is on the correct layer and is within the lines. I've tried setting another layer to parallax 0,0 and set "Parallax in editor" to yes and it makes all objects in that layer disappear in editor mode and when its run. Here is the link (if i've done it right)

    I would be greatful i someone could manage to figure this out.


  • That's the exported project - you need to upload a capx. 'File > Save as single file'.

    Make sure it's within the lines when 'parallax in editor' is set to 'no'.

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  • ok this should be the right file

  • Make sure your heart is in the top left part of the layout.

    <center><img src="" border="0" /></center>

    See the dashed lines ? Your object must be placed in those boundaries.

    In your capx, what you would like is something like :

    <center><img src="" border="0" /></center>

  • Yeah i've done that and its not working. I've even tried it with a new project and reinstalled the programe but still no joy. I've done a work around for the time being.

    Thanks for all to helped though

  • Are you positioning the object in the layout, or are you positioning the object through an action? Sometimes I overlook making sure the right layer is selected while creating an action in the actions tab.

  • What Kyatric said is correct to position in the top left of the layout. Based on how your currently cropping the game though, I assume you want to position in the top left of the viewport.

    Here is top left of layout: .capx

    Here is top left of viewport: .capx

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