Html5 exported games for Ipad, offline solution ?

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  • Hello,

    I'm exporting my games as html5,

    and on the iPad, there is a sound issue.

    So I remove the ogg audio files and delete the offline appcache.

    The html5 works then for the ipad, but not offline, it has to load everytime

    And I have to create a separate html5 folder for android/pc version.

    My question:

    is there an offline appcache solution for the ipad html5 games exported with Construct 2

    I'm using C2 r206 and ios 8 on the iPad



  • You can, instead of deleting the whole offline.appcache file, remove just the lines with sounds. Open offline.appcache with a text editor, and remove the lines that have at the end .ogg or .m4a.

    Then, I think, it should work offline.

    Another solution is to wait until Apple fixes the bug.

    EDIT: It looks like the bug was/will be fixed with iOS 9, it works on iOS 9 Public Beta 1.

  • There is a bug in Safari that it cannot load sound from the offline cache. There is no way to get sounds to play offline: either you disable the offline cache so sounds can play but it won't work offline, or you enable the offline cache so it works offline but sounds might not play.

    It is however already fixed in the latest iOS 9 betas, so it should be fixed from iOS 9.

  • thanks for the information Ashley

  • Thank you all !

  • By disable the offline cache do you mean delete the offline.appcache file or is there an actual option you can select or deselect?



  • I think I'd be grateful if I could have any sound when loading from an icon on iOS 8.4 but I get nothing, Even when I follow Stephan's instructions above.

    Sound is fine when in the Safari browser when it's first loaded. If I start it from it's icon on the desktop. No sound at all. No sound effects, no music.


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  • hello aroderick,

    when publishing my html5 game (on dropbox) I delete in media the .ogg files, and I delete the offlina.appcache

    it works then fine on the ipad ios 8.4

    You can export it to the desktop, and it works with sound in fullscreen: here is an example (this will work only on ios : no sound on pc or android...and it 's long to load cause there is a big mp3)

    I can't open your capx, it needs an addon..;

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