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  • Hey guys,

    I have to get this of my mind. Please don't see this a negative crtisism, but I don't now how to carry on.

    My project for the rotary comp is pretty complex and seems to bring up some issues within C2 and HTML5. One thing, that is really bringing my project to a halt is, that if switch between layouts, the scrolling quits working.

    I tried to reproduce this error with an new and small project, but it does not come back up, so I think it has something to do, with all the rotating elements within my project.

    Actually I don't want to post the CAPX openly, because I still have hope to get these issues foxed and then I would like to enter the comp without haveing the fear that someone has copied my idea.

    So my question, has anyone of you come across a similar issue when changing layouts?!?

  • Weishaupt, you can always PM your capx to someone for help.

  • I know, and I did that with Ashley already...but the CAPX seems to be to complex for debugging

  • What you need to do is save a copy of your project, then start deleting everything bit by bit until all that remains is the absolute minimum required for the bug to still exist. I did that with a recent bug and I was able to get a couple dozen object/couple hundred event project down to two objects and 22 events. It'll make it much easier to find out what the problem actually is, and if it is a C2 bug, for Ashley to debug it quicker.

  • Arima: I appreciate your help, and I may do just so if my spirit is back up. Right now I am frustrated, that the whole day went by without me finding the reasons for two strange behaviours within my project. One as due to a large anim (1000 frames)....which I still think should be handable by o software like C2.

    And the other now with scrolling and swithing between layouts. That's why I asked if someone else had similar problems. Just for your info: the CAPX right now is around 60MB and has four layouts....AND uses heavy "rotation" since it was planed for the comp.....

  • Just curious, what size are you using for that 1000 frame animation?

  • Here is the ANIM-GIF I used to import in C2


    FYI: Playbackspeed is 25 fps

  • Um yeah, you might want to ease up on the frames a bit.

    That's a huge file so its going to play havoc in all sorts of ways.

    Hopefully, one day C2 will support video types so that you can stream stuff like that.

  • Weishaupt, you know there is a 10mb limit to the arcade, And the comp entry HAS to be on the arcade..

  • Wow! That's a 24MB gif!

  • Weishaupt: I'd like to friendly remind you that the entries for the competition are to be uploaded on Scirra's arcade and that the maximum size allowed for uploads there is 10 Mo.

    It's likely that if your capx is already 6th time over this limit you might anyway be unable to enter it for the comp.

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  • yeah....I guess i'd either cut down on the background music...I already removed the animation....

    or, I quit the project, which would be very sad, beause it could show what c2 could do....

    it still does not change anything about this stupid "bug"

    PS: I still am confused why an animated gif hogs up the C2 even thou it gets converted to PNGs....do they have to sit in memory?

  • PS: I still am confused why an animated gif hogs up the C2 even thou it gets converted to PNGs....do they have to sit in memory?


  • Bingo.

    ...meaning what? <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Weishaupt i think its in the last sentence

    do they have to sit in memory ?

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