HBGames.org's BUILD & WIN Construct 2 Contest

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  • Hello there, Scirra Forum!

    I'm Venetia, an administrator at HBGames.org. We're a site that's all about indie game development. For nearly a decade (under RMXP.NET and RMXP.ORG in the past), we focused mainly on the RPG Maker series of engines.

    Recently, our staff have fallen in love with Construct 2, and to kick off a format shift, we're holding a pretty big "BUILD & WIN" contest.

    (We made sure to run it by Tom & Ashley first!)


    Click here for the topic!</center>

    On behalf of HBGames.org, I'd like to invite all the members of the Scirra.com forum to participate in the contest.

    Twelve copies of C2's Standard License will be given out to the top games for free!

    In addition, 1st prize will win $300, 2nd wins $150, and 3rd wins $75!

    There are no stipulations really on what KIND of game to make -- just make it with the Free edition of C2, and don't submit anything whose production was started before March 3rd, 2012. You also have to join to win (because you'll need to advertise your game to draw attention to it and to post it for judge review in the Construct 2 board).

    We're hopefully going to be turning a newcomer or two (or, many) onto the engine you all already know so well! Expect some of our members to be showing up here, and please don't be shy about introducing yourself there.

    Thanks hugely for your time, and let me know if you have any questions! I can answer them either on this topic, or at the topic on HBGames (but please check out the full HBG contest topic first--it has WAY more information!).

    One more time, the link is: hbgames.org/forums/viewtopic.php

    Good luck, and thanks again! We hope this will be the beginning to a beautiful friendship ~ !

  • AWESOME! We'll probably have many competitors, as i've already noticed many "i'm in" at HBGames's forum ;D



  • Sounds pretty awesome if you ask me, lets see if I can manage to join even this one... sigh

  • Venetia

    We use Dropbox for sandboxing, etc.

    No need for uploading that way.

  • newt:

    That was mentioned in the forum topic ... But some of our members were iffy, so I offered to host games on my own site in addition, to quell any fears or worries about hosting issues :).

    Cassiano & Sagal:

    Looking forward to seeing your entries!!

  • I already have the standard construct2, I do this anyway? :D

  • Nice initiative! Bet I am in! Just for fun, as usual! :)

  • Ah, good to see this got posted up here. Good luck everyone, from both Scirra and HBG!

  • I already have a standard license, but it's nice to read that there will be even greater. Hell, we must support those who will participate in the contest. And we will do it.

  • Ah, I know you guys. I used to be a member of both those sites (RMXP.NET and RMXP.ORG). All the best.

  • I used to frequent both RMXP.net and RMXP.org a lot. I remember really appreciating that community in the past, taught me a lot about proper game design.

    Glad to see you guys adopting Construct 2! It really is a pretty incredible creation kit.

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  • I think I'm in. I have a couple questions though <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    So we can make any game we want? any? <img src="smileys/smiley3.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Is the game limited to the Scirra arcade? ie are we allowed to use custom plugins?


  • I have a question if I enter, and would be lucky enough to win one of the standard licenses could I give it to someone that didn't win anything?

    The reason I ask this is because I already own a license.

  • Haha lets do this!! I'm going after one of those standard licences! :D

  • Hey, me too! Maybe it's time for me to come back. :D

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