How are you handling Metric/Analytics of your game?

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  • I'm curious how others are gathering feedback from players about how their game is played. What purchases are being made, how long a typical game is, where people are dying, etc.

    I was curious if there was a good solution for HTML5 that will also translate over to a CJS compiled game.

  • i'm relyng on thehen 's flurry plugin for some time now, and it's working great. if i'm not wrong, it works with cjs also. a big thanks to thehen!

    at first i was sceptic regarding flurry, but after a talk with one of the engineers from nordeus ( developers of top11, a footbal manager with milions of daily users) and his assurance that flurry is working for them as a charm, i had nothing to say no more.

    tl;dr: flurry analytics

  • Awesome, thanks man.

  • I haven't used the Flurry plugin with CocoonJS so I'm not sure how well it works, especially with the latest CJS updates, but on other exports it works well.

    Alternatively you could send the data using Ajax to a database, basically the same way you did with the online high score table in your tutorial. You could even make a small app with C2 to fetch the data and create pie charts and graphs and what not.

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  • I'll try out Flurry first, if it doesn't seem like it's working, I might try to make one myself using AJAX.

    So far so good on Flurry though, going to try out CJS later today.

  • Does it work exporting with cocoon? Cheers!

  • Yes, if you read the first post he gives instructions on getting it working with CJS .

  • How aboutgood ol' Google analytics?.. Ive just implemented it in my newly finishen game and it was a no brainer to set up... Now i just wait for some proper dato to pour in.

    Any reason to choose flurry instead ?

  • I'm not sure how personalized you can make google analytics. WIth the flurry plugin, you can put events anywhere in your project to track whatever you want.

  • hmm to my knowledge you can do the same thing in analytics with the ordinary analytics "events" - furthermore you can track time spent between any point.. and also pull values from your game variables .. (does that make sense?)

    for example.. in my game i track how long & and how many times the player plays - how long each level takes to complete, and on what level he dies ..

    it's much more information than i need , but if i make a bigger game that requires much more balancing I think it would be quite nice to track things like that.

    only downside so far is that i find the analytics dashboard really complicated - so it takes me a long time to find the relevant information

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