Google play says "App not compatible"

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  • Hi guys!

    I�ve published my game in Google Play(android) but when I try to download it google play says �this application is not compatible with your device�

    that can�t be possible cause, well I have developed and tested the game on my note 2, so I�m so frustrated rigth now.

    the apk before google play works prety well so I dont know what to do.

    does somebody have this problem?

    thanks in advance

  • Its usually only happens if you somehow set the minimum or maximum android version and your note 2 falls outside of that? In the APK on google dev dashboard, you can add/remove devices your app is compatible for, double check that.

  • Thanks for your time I really appreciate!, well I've selected the minimum and maximum version of androd from the dashboard of ludei, when I compiled the game it works on my note 2 without problems, so the game is working but playstore says that is not compatible when it is already uploaded... do you think that the minimum and maximum version is the problem ?

    thank you very much!

  • I do not set maximum version, because why would you need to do that, when android comes out with an update, your game is no longer compatible!! O_o

  • you are right, let me try that and I will post it, thanks for your help

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  • Now is working thank you very much!!!

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